Top Tips To Keep Your Garage Protected

Many times, when you think of protecting your home, what you will think of is to make sure that your doors have the locks that they need. But wait, often, there is one thing that you will forget protecting in the process. This is your garage. Never overlook the need to secure or protect your […]

How Do You Know That Your Locks Have Been Tampered With?

Your door locks and knobs are new. At the back of your mind, you know there is no need to replace them yet considering that they have not been installed for that long. Maybe, you have not yet enjoyed the benefit that they have promised just yet. When deciding whether or not to replace your […]

An Introduction To Multi-Point Locking Systems

When you are shopping for locks for your home, chances are that you will be interested in getting the safest ones you can afford. This has many benefits, including making you feel safer. Your insurance costs are also likely to be much lower owing to the fact that your insurer will find your house to […]

The Steps You Need To Take When You Lose Your House Keys

The loss of a key to your home is something that is likely to occur at least once in your life. When it does, it’s important that you figure out how to deal with it so that you don’t end up putting yourself at risk. The problem is that there are many people who take […]

What Do You Benefit From When You Choose A Reliable Locksmith?

When you are suddenly locked outside your office, car or house and there is no way to get in, you should consider hiring a Montreal locksmith you can trust to open the locks for you. Additionally, you can hire them to install security locks in your property as well. That being said, choosing a reliable […]

<!--:en-->Are Secure Patio Door Locks All That Important?<!--:-->

As a matter of fact, patio door locks are quite important in that FBI statistics show that over 40% of all residential burglars target the first-floor doors. Furthermore, patio doors are mostly located in the back of a home, something that offers burglars more freedom to do their thing without being visible. They simply operate […]

<!--:en-->What Should You Do When Your Keyless Entry Malfunctions?<!--:-->

There is nothing as frustrating as finding your keyless entry is not working when in a hurry to get to work. That said, while the key fob has improved the convenience factor in the modern automobiles, a malfunctioning keyless entry can make your vehicle difficult if not impossible to use. In keyless technology, the key […]