Security Tips

Is your home secure?  If you are a tenant or homeowner, there may be security factors that you don’t realize you are neglecting. These 7 tips from the experts at Express Locksmith in Montreal will help you secure your home. 

Secure Your Keys

Keys left in plain sight are an invitation to burglars.
If you leave your keys on a table or leave them in your car where other people can see them, it may be too good of an opportunity to pass up for a burglar.
Keep your keys in a discreet location when not in use, and any spare keys should be kept in a secure location or with a trusted neighbour.

Lock Every Door and Window

Keeping your doors and windows locked is the simplest, but most forgotten way to secure your home.
Before you leave your home for even a few minutes, make sure you latch every window and lock every door.
Burglars often stake out homes waiting for an opportunity and can burglarize a home in just a few minutes. 

Replace Compromised Locks

Changing your lock pins or re-keying locks can prevent a burglary linked to a former homeowner or housekeeper.
Make sure former employees, tenants, and homeowners cannot enter your home with old keys.

Understand Lock Grades

Choose locks that meet ANSI standards for home security.
An ANSI graded lock for residential security will protect your home from unwanted entry.
At Express Locksmith we can help you find a lock that will meet or exceed your needs for home security. 

Deadbolts and Double Cylinder Locks Prevent Burglary

Installing and using a deadbolt on your exterior doors will provide your home with an extra level of security that doorknob locks cannot match. 
A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key inside and outside.
Upgrading to a double cylinder lock prevents burglars from breaking a window and reaching inside to open the deadbolt.

Inspect and Maintain Your Locks

Inspecting your locks and regularly maintaining them will ensure your locks are always working.
A neglected lock can be exploited by a burglar to enter your home.
Call Express Locksmith to professionally inspect and maintain your locks.

Remember to Keep Your Garage Secure

Protecting your garage or shed is as important as protecting your home. 
Garage doors and windows should be locked and in good condition.
Burglars may enter your garage to steal tools and vehicles or steal keys to gain entry to your home.

To see if your home is as secure as it should be, or to have your locks inspected, contact Express Locksmith in Montreal or call us at 514.623.6332.
Our friendly and professional technicians can ensure your door locks, deadbolts, and window locks are working correctly and meet high standards. If you need help quickly, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

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