The loss of a key to your home is something that is likely to occur at least once in your life. When it does, it’s important that you figure out how to deal with it so that you don’t end up putting yourself at risk. The problem is that there are many people who take the issue lightly, mostly because it’s such a common occurrence. However, depending on your circumstances, there are certain actions you might need to take once you realize that you have lost the keys, including:

Be certain that they are lost

It’s important to make an effort to be absolutely sure that your keys are actually lost. This can be done by retracing your steps in order to find out the likely places you might have lost them. In addition to that, you can also double check the areas where you usually place the keys, as well as other unlikely areas. For instance, there are many cases where people forget keys in refrigerators or other similar areas. This usually occurs when one is very tired and not paying attention to what they are doing. Once you do this and still can’t find the keys, you may then need to take other steps to secure the home.

Call a locksmith

Once you are certain that you have lost the keys, you could find spare keys so that you can gain access to the home. However, you should ultimately consider consulting a serrurier in Montreal for help in sorting out the issue. The main goal is to try and figure out if they are available for lock replacement or key duplication depending on what you are interested in.

Replacing the locks

If you have lost the keys in a public place, you should seriously consider having the locks to the home replaced. This is because if someone has the keys, they are very likely to gain access to the house if you simply get a duplicate of the extra keys. This makes the house unsafe for you and your dependents.

Some of the factors that should make you particularly keen on doing this include the possibility of your keys having identification information that will make it easier for anyone to figure out what house the key belongs to. If you lose the keys in areas where many people are likely to know you and where you stay, this should also be a cue for you to change the locks as soon as possible. In such a scenario, it would be easy for someone to simply walk up to your door when you are not home and gain access to it.

When interested in replacing the locks, you should avoid doing it yourself. It might sound cheaper, but the technical challenges associated with the project might result in a less than safe lock installation. It may also be prone to faster wear due to improper placement.

Consider correcting the reason for key loss in the first place

It’s important to avoid the circumstances under which you lost the keys in the first place, so that you don’t have to go through the same ordeal again. With this in mind, you should try to find out why you lost the keys in the first place, and then try to correct this. For instance, if it turns out that you are becoming more forgetful for any reason, you could try to get solutions that go round this. An example of this is getting biometric locks that only require that you use your fingerprints to access the house. This makes the home safer, and also eliminates the need to walk around with keys.


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