There is nothing as frustrating as finding your keyless entry is not working when in a hurry to get to work. That said, while the key fob has improved the convenience factor in the modern automobiles, a malfunctioning keyless entry can make your vehicle difficult if not impossible to use. In keyless technology, the key fob typically communicates with the locks in your vehicle by the use of memory chips and radio wave signals. With this level of lock and key operation sophistication, it is not surprising that things can go wrong with the key fob. Prior to calling a professional that specializes in Montreal locks to have a look at the malfunctioning key fob, here are some things you can attempt to try and determine the issue.

Reprogram the remote

This problem is mostly brought about by a faulty battery in the remote device. Luckily, all that is needed when it comes to reprograming the remote is to enter the car with a normal key, close the doors, and then insert the key in the ignition. Once this is done, don’t start the vehicle but rather quickly flip the key back and forth between the first and second settings till a chiming sound is heard. You should then press number one on the remote pad to confirm the programming operation, and then wait for a second chiming sound.

Finally, the keys should then be removed from the ignition, and the doors locked, but after exiting from the car. Wait around twenty seconds prior to trying the remote again to see if it is working. However, it is good to note that the precise steps for programming a specific key fob depends on a car model and the year of manufacture. As such, always consult the owner’s manual for particular instructions.

Replace the battery

The majority of vehicle key fobs can be split open through a small slot on the side of the remote. Inside, there is normally a small coin battery. When a keyless lock or any other entry device stops working, the first thing to replace is the battery, in particular if that device is over one year old. Make sure to insert the right kind of battery on your device as differently sized.

Check if the issue is in the remote control

It is more than likely that your vehicle came with a backup key fob or keyless entry device. As such, it is always good to make sure that the backup is working so as to ascertain if indeed the problem is associated with a malfunctioning key. If all of these devices are not working, then chances are that the issue lies within the car itself. A number of things can lead to this eventuality, including faulty locking mechanism, broken memory card or transmitter and the likes.

According a renowned locksmith based in town, replacing damaged or broken key fobs can be quite costly, meaning that it is always a great idea to first try the above. If all these don’t work, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional automotive locksmith to solve your issues. Nevertheless, if nothing works, it’s advisable to check with a dealership about acquiring a new keyless entry device or key fob.

All in all, one of the commonest things that is done by a professional automobile or home locksmith is to let people back into their cars or home after being locked out, or after their sophisticated locking mechanisms fails to work. Whether you have lost your keys or misplaced them, there is always a reputable and knowledgeable locksmith around Montreal that can conveniently allow you back into your property again.

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