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We make car keys on site in case you lost ALL your copies

Auto locksmith & Car Keys

Fully equipped and experienced to assist with all automotive key cutting and lock out situations.

  • Car Key Replacement
  • Car Lockout Service
  • Car key programming
  • Ignition Switch Repair
  • Remote Fob Keys
  • Replace Car Door Locks
Car locksmith Montreal

Get a new key for your car today!

All Keys Lost Situation - We cut and program keys on site

If you are unable to find your keys, we have mobile unites that will come to you and can cut replacement car keys to get you mobile again.

We are proud of our efficient and timely service and always aim to have you mobile again in the shortest possible time.

We also repair or replace almost any transponder key ON SITE, without your having to go back to your dealership. 
Not every locksmith in Montreal is able to offer this service.

At Express Locksmith our professional licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths will able to help you get back into your car with a new or repaired transponder just as soon as we can.

Did you know

We can replace lost motorcycle keys, extract broken keys from ignitions and duplicate motorcycle keys at your location. LEARN MORE >

Types of car keys we make

Mechanically Key

Chip (Transponder) key

Remote Key

Fobik Key

Switch (Flip) Blade Key

Keyless (Smart) Key

Replacement Car Keys for Most Makers & Models!

cadillac Keys
chrysler Keys
mazda Keys
mitsubishi Keys
nissan Keys
pontiac keys
Subaru keys
gm Keys
Suzuki keys
BMW Keys
Infiniti Keys
Mercedes Keys

now available

Whether you drive a Acura, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, our auto locksmiths can turn your car key and remote into a stylish flip key style.

turn my car key and remote into a flip key

Car Keys up to 35% cheaper than dealers

We work closely with several Montreal car dealerships both in an advisory capacity regarding the security of their premises and from time to time to erase the old vehicle keys from the car computer to ensure the security and safety of the vehicles they sell.

In addition, our professional locksmiths are fully trained in all aspects of auto security systems.
We can advise on car burglar alarm systems, wheel locks, cut-out switches and other systems that are available to suit every budget.

For all your automotive security needs, Express Locksmiths is a name you can trust to provide reliable, professional services at the times you need it most.
For more information, or in any emergency auto lockout situation, call Express Locksmiths of Montreal on (514) 623-6332.

Emergency auto locksmith montreal

Our emergency service auto locksmiths will come to your aid in our fully equipped call out vans whenever you are unable to get into your vehicle.

Whether you have lost your keys, or if you have, by mistake, locked them and the spare set inside, we have a wide range of master keys that will permit entry to even the most modern of electronic car security systems.

Emergency service we offer:

  • Keys are lost, stolen
  • Broken key in the ignition
  • Locked keys in car
  • Locked keys in trunk
  • Ignition not turning

Common question about our auto locksmith service

Q: I lost ALL my car keys can you still make one for my car ?

A: YES we can make a key at your location even if you dont have any copy

Q:What is a VIN number and where can i find it ?

A: VIN (vehicle identification number) can be found on the front window on the driver side in the bottom.

VIN number info

Q: I called my car dealer and they told me only they can make a key for my car is that true ? 

A: NO, car dealers often tell it to customers but our auto locksmith can make almost any type of car key even if the key has a chip in it.

Q: I have a Dodge Caravan and the key is not working its writing BAD KEY on the dashboard can you fix it?

A: In this case you will have to make a new FOB key the key that you have will not work anymore.

Q: My key is not turning in the ignition any more i have a Honda Civic 2010 can you fix it?

A: Honda models after the year 2003 is known to have locks problem if it’s the door lock or the ignition. Our team is trained to repair or replace any Honda lock and we can do it at your location.