Although not considered important by a majority of homeowners, garage door locks are a crucial part of a home’s security. More often than not, most homeowners are quite satisfied with whichever lock happens to be in their garage doors at the time they acquire their properties according to a professional serrurier in Montreal. Unfortunately, most home break-ins happen through the garage doors. So, if you have never given much consideration to your garage door lock, then this might be a good time to have it evaluated. And that is especially if the lock on your garage door is the same you found installed when you first bought your home.

Here are some of the best garage door locks to opt for.

Side-mounted bolt locks

This is one of the best locks you can ever opt for and have installed on your garage door. These are deadbolt style types of locks that are mounted on the door track. Once installed on your garage door, this kind of a lock can never be accessed from outside the door, even with the most of sophisticated tools. While this lock is a comparatively inexpensive, it offers the best value in money in terms of the security it provides.

T-handle locks

These are some of the most commonly used locks on metal constructed garage doors. These kinds of locks are operated with uniquely shaped kind of keys, making them quite secure. Due to their distinct shapes, keys used to operate T-handle locks are quite difficult to duplicate. As a result, these are some of the best lock types to have installed on your garage doors. Burglars find these kinds of locks much more difficult to overcome, and hence leave them alone.

Deadbolts for garage doors

Deadbolt locks that are installed on garage doors basically come in two styles. These are the double cylinder and single cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts are operated from the outside using a key and a knob from the inside. Double cylinder garage door deadbolts on the other hand require a key on both the outside and inside of the door to operate them. Deadbolt-style garage door locks are much more difficult to for the burglars to overcome compared to the spring-style locks that are prevalent on a majority of garage doors around the country.

Keyless digital locks

These are sophisticated types of locks that require no keys to operate them. Rather than operating them with a key, they are operated with a keypad into which the garage owner enters a sequence of digital codes. The most noteworthy thing about these locks is that they are not susceptible to picking methods as are their mechanical counterparts. Simply put, keyless digital locks offer relatively higher levels of security when compared to a majority of the other locks in the market.

Electronically-operated garage door locks

Electronically operated locks are some of the most advanced in all locks that you can ever choose for your garage door. The locks in simple terms are cutting-edge products of modern technology in lock making and are opened and closed with fingerprints rather than keys. Each of these locks has a capacity to store tens of fingerprints in their memory to allow easy access to multiple door users. Unfortunately, electronic locks are some of the most costly of locks, both in their purchase and installation, making them a preserve of moneyed homeowners. However, they kinds of locks offer the highest level of security that is currently available in garage door locks.

All in all, while the above list of locks that can be opted for is not all inclusive, it will give a homeowner looking for a secure lock for his garage door an idea of what to settle for. It is always a great idea to have that lock you found on your garage door replaced with something better for enhanced security.

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