Your door locks and knobs are new. At the back of your mind, you know there is no need to replace them yet considering that they have not been installed for that long. Maybe, you have not yet enjoyed the benefit that they have promised just yet. When deciding whether or not to replace your locks, it will be good to know signs that they have been tampered with by burglars or other intruders who want to make an entry into your home. When this is the case, the next thing to do is call the services of a locksmith.

Deformed lock

You know very well that something is wrong with your door lock when it has been deformed. Perhaps, you have been experiencing difficulties using your own keys to enter your home. But, one thing is sure. You do not remember yourself being the reason behind why the lock has been deformed. When this is the case, you have to call a locksmith right away so he can replace the lock right away.

Physical changes in the lock

There are many different ways with which your lock may have been tampered with by burglars and intruders. When an intruder makes use of brute force during an attempted break in, it will be easy to spot signs on your lock fixture movement. Paint circles become evident on the lock and sometimes, latches and deadbolts may have been bent. When the doorframe or the door itself has been warped, then it signifies the lock has been tampered with.

Signs of bumping

Bumping is one of those techniques used by burglars to get into a locked property. Burglars often use this method by filing down the key’s teeth to make it work like a little saw that can easily help them open the door lock. Using a bump key, they can easily get into your home. Whilst the scenario is a bit alarming, it is good to note that there are signs that bumping will leave along the way.

One such sign is the presence of fresh nicks around the keyhole’s edges. This usually results from the forceful pounding of the key into the keyhole. You can also look into those shiny metal edges which usually indicate that the door lock has been recently hit by somebody.

Signs of picking

Picking is considered the most traditional methods with which a burglar can enter into your home. Small tools like those flat screwdrivers are common when picking door locks. These small tools come in contact with the pin tumble and will rake it thus allowing easier entry into a property. Since the technique relies on the use of small tools, mastering the art of picking can take time for these intruders.

Just the same, however, it will be good to check for signs of picking on your door lock to know whether or not it has been tampered with. Burglars can make a common mistake of leaving marks that cut into the edges of the lock as a result of screwdrivers wiggling around as they gain access to your home. If you notice that the metal around the keyhole is shiny, you can take that as a sign too that your lock has been compromised.

The signs mentioned above indicate the most common ones you will come across with when your property is being targeted by intruders. You cannot just neglect these signs and presume that your pets or your children have been the ones who have done these to your locks. When you know that your locks have been tampered with, seek the help of a serrurier in Montreal to change to a new set of locks to ensure complete security with peace of mind.


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