Top Tips To Keep Your Garage Protected

Many times, when you think of protecting your home, what you will think of is to make sure that your doors have the locks that they need. But wait, often, there is one thing that you will forget protecting in the process. This is your garage. Never overlook the need to secure or protect your garage since it is the first place an intruder will need to enter into before gaining full access to your property. You do not have to worry about how you can successfully get your garage protected. To do this, you simply need to follow the tips below.

Make sure you close your garage all the time

You should always make sure that your garage is closed whether you are leaving your home the whole day so that you can attend to your regular work or you will spend a few minutes driving your children to school. Remember that leaving the garage door open at all times will invite burglars to come and see what is happening in your backyard. It can even give them a picture of the items that you have inside your home.

Some of you may have an excuse as to why there are times when garage doors are left open. One of those reasons has been stated earlier, that is, you are spending a few minutes only to drive your kids to school. Another is the fact that your kids may have overlooked closing the garage door. Well, if you do not have someone to do the closing of the garage doors for you, the best thing to do is install a system that warns you to close the garage doors before finally leaving home. Simple sensors here and there can help you do this task with flying colours.

Never leave the emote for garage doors inside your car

Make sure you keep them inside your bag so that it will not be prone from getting lost or being stolen by somebody else. If you want, you can switch to a remote that can be attached to your key holder. Investing in such an item will help you secure your garage door by making sure that the remote controller is with you all the time.

Use a security system for your garage

Apart from making sure that you keep your garage door closed all the time and bringing the remote controller with you, you should also invest in home security systems that will keep the property secured at all times. There are motion detector lights that can be bought conveniently to help you access your property easily at night time whilst also endeavouring to shoo away burglars from getting into your property. When motion detectors light up, burglars will definitely be startled thus having second thoughts of entering your home.

Hire a locksmith to install modern locks

One of the best things to get your garage protected is to hire the help of a locksmith who will be more than willing to install the best locking systems that will safeguard your home from intruders who have been planning or attempting to get into your home all this time. Expert locksmiths will always have the best products that will suit your needs best. They can install the locking systems for you thus giving you the peace of mind that you need whether you are inside your home sleeping or outside doing an errand or attending to important matters.

Looking for a 24 hour locksmith in Montreal? You can rely on us. Check on the list of products and services that we have on our pages to know what we can offer to safeguard your property.

How Do You Know That Your Locks Have Been Tampered With?

Your door locks and knobs are new. At the back of your mind, you know there is no need to replace them yet considering that they have not been installed for that long. Maybe, you have not yet enjoyed the benefit that they have promised just yet. When deciding whether or not to replace your locks, it will be good to know signs that they have been tampered with by burglars or other intruders who want to make an entry into your home. When this is the case, the next thing to do is call the services of a locksmith.

Deformed lock

You know very well that something is wrong with your door lock when it has been deformed. Perhaps, you have been experiencing difficulties using your own keys to enter your home. But, one thing is sure. You do not remember yourself being the reason behind why the lock has been deformed. When this is the case, you have to call a locksmith right away so he can replace the lock right away.

Physical changes in the lock

There are many different ways with which your lock may have been tampered with by burglars and intruders. When an intruder makes use of brute force during an attempted break in, it will be easy to spot signs on your lock fixture movement. Paint circles become evident on the lock and sometimes, latches and deadbolts may have been bent. When the doorframe or the door itself has been warped, then it signifies the lock has been tampered with.

Signs of bumping

Bumping is one of those techniques used by burglars to get into a locked property. Burglars often use this method by filing down the key’s teeth to make it work like a little saw that can easily help them open the door lock. Using a bump key, they can easily get into your home. Whilst the scenario is a bit alarming, it is good to note that there are signs that bumping will leave along the way.

One such sign is the presence of fresh nicks around the keyhole’s edges. This usually results from the forceful pounding of the key into the keyhole. You can also look into those shiny metal edges which usually indicate that the door lock has been recently hit by somebody.

Signs of picking

Picking is considered the most traditional methods with which a burglar can enter into your home. Small tools like those flat screwdrivers are common when picking door locks. These small tools come in contact with the pin tumble and will rake it thus allowing easier entry into a property. Since the technique relies on the use of small tools, mastering the art of picking can take time for these intruders.

Just the same, however, it will be good to check for signs of picking on your door lock to know whether or not it has been tampered with. Burglars can make a common mistake of leaving marks that cut into the edges of the lock as a result of screwdrivers wiggling around as they gain access to your home. If you notice that the metal around the keyhole is shiny, you can take that as a sign too that your lock has been compromised.

The signs mentioned above indicate the most common ones you will come across with when your property is being targeted by intruders. You cannot just neglect these signs and presume that your pets or your children have been the ones who have done these to your locks. When you know that your locks have been tampered with, seek the help of a serrurier in Montreal to change to a new set of locks to ensure complete security with peace of mind.

An Introduction To Multi-Point Locking Systems

When you are shopping for locks for your home, chances are that you will be interested in getting the safest ones you can afford. This has many benefits, including making you feel safer. Your insurance costs are also likely to be much lower owing to the fact that your insurer will find your house to be at much lower risk compared to others.

As has been said, all this depends on the quality of the locks you get for all the doors in the house, but particularly for the main doors. You should always keep in mind that not all locks are the same, and have this mentality when shopping for them. If you want increased levels of safety, you should consider buying locks with multi-point locking systems.

What are they?

Traditionally, locks are usually designed in such a manner that the latch protrudes from the lock and into the frame. One of the disadvantages of this system is that the rest of the door is essentially not connected to the frame. If the hinges are weak, one could simply break them and still gain access to the door. The multi-point locks are designed in such a manner that the latches are spread out across all the sides of the door. This means that when the door is locked, the latch will be connected to all sides of the frame at once. It becomes more difficult to break into the door by ramming it or by disrupting the latches.

How to get the most out of them

If you are interested in getting a multi-point lock, you should consider investing in one that has surpassed the lock standards in your country. These are usually made by notable manufacturers, and also tend to have very good warranties. The latter is a sign of confidence that the manufacturer has in the product. When shopping for these types of locks in Montreal, always insist on those made by such manufacturers.

Proper installation is also an essential prerequisite to getting the most out of the door. Always insist on having the locks installed by a qualified locksmith since these types of locks tend to be more complicated than the rest. When not put in place properly, they are likely to wear out faster and not be as safe as they should be.

You should also consider getting door and lock combinations that have other extra security features, including a steel core. When combined with a multi-point locking system, the entire door becomes much more difficult to breach.

Are they high maintenance?

The fact that they have complex designs makes these types of locks seem demanding when it comes to maintenance. However, when properly installed, they are not likely to be any more difficult to take care of compared to regular locks. This is especially so if they are manufactured with quality in mind.

If you need to have them maintained, it would be wise to work with a notable contractor to do so. Locksmiths who are experienced and certified tend to be better at such jobs. The good thing is that you are unlikely to need them on a regular basis.

What if you lose your keys?

The fact that doors with multi-point locking systems are essentially security doors means that if you lose your keys, you will have very little chance of successfully breaking into them. To avoid this, always make sure you have extra keys in a location that is safe and easy to reach in case you ever lose yours at an inconvenient time. It is also important to have the contacts of a high quality locksmith so that in case you ever need them, they will only be a call away. You won’t need to go through the process of identifying one who can handle such locks, which can waste a lot of time.

The Steps You Need To Take When You Lose Your House Keys

The loss of a key to your home is something that is likely to occur at least once in your life. When it does, it’s important that you figure out how to deal with it so that you don’t end up putting yourself at risk. The problem is that there are many people who take the issue lightly, mostly because it’s such a common occurrence. However, depending on your circumstances, there are certain actions you might need to take once you realize that you have lost the keys, including:

Be certain that they are lost

It’s important to make an effort to be absolutely sure that your keys are actually lost. This can be done by retracing your steps in order to find out the likely places you might have lost them. In addition to that, you can also double check the areas where you usually place the keys, as well as other unlikely areas. For instance, there are many cases where people forget keys in refrigerators or other similar areas. This usually occurs when one is very tired and not paying attention to what they are doing. Once you do this and still can’t find the keys, you may then need to take other steps to secure the home.

Call a locksmith

Once you are certain that you have lost the keys, you could find spare keys so that you can gain access to the home. However, you should ultimately consider consulting a serrurier in Montreal for help in sorting out the issue. The main goal is to try and figure out if they are available for lock replacement or key duplication depending on what you are interested in.

Replacing the locks

If you have lost the keys in a public place, you should seriously consider having the locks to the home replaced. This is because if someone has the keys, they are very likely to gain access to the house if you simply get a duplicate of the extra keys. This makes the house unsafe for you and your dependents.

Some of the factors that should make you particularly keen on doing this include the possibility of your keys having identification information that will make it easier for anyone to figure out what house the key belongs to. If you lose the keys in areas where many people are likely to know you and where you stay, this should also be a cue for you to change the locks as soon as possible. In such a scenario, it would be easy for someone to simply walk up to your door when you are not home and gain access to it.

When interested in replacing the locks, you should avoid doing it yourself. It might sound cheaper, but the technical challenges associated with the project might result in a less than safe lock installation. It may also be prone to faster wear due to improper placement.

Consider correcting the reason for key loss in the first place

It’s important to avoid the circumstances under which you lost the keys in the first place, so that you don’t have to go through the same ordeal again. With this in mind, you should try to find out why you lost the keys in the first place, and then try to correct this. For instance, if it turns out that you are becoming more forgetful for any reason, you could try to get solutions that go round this. An example of this is getting biometric locks that only require that you use your fingerprints to access the house. This makes the home safer, and also eliminates the need to walk around with keys.

What Do You Benefit From When You Choose A Reliable Locksmith?

When you are suddenly locked outside your office, car or house and there is no way to get in, you should consider hiring a Montreal locksmith you can trust to open the locks for you. Additionally, you can hire them to install security locks in your property as well. That being said, choosing a reliable locksmith company that are properly licensed comes with high importance as the security of your premises are concerned. To ensure you get the right person for the job, always ask for their license details and check if they are valid by running it through an online database that is provided in your local area.

The next thing you will need to check is for insurance coverage as legitimate companies offer insurance to their clients which are also beneficial for both parties. The insurance should be able to cover your property in case something gets damaged or lost in the process of the repairs. Once you are certain you have gotten hold over a trusted locksmith, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Great experience

Reliable locksmiths provide great services with their team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, catering to your locking needs around the clock and sometimes during holidays as well! They will always arrive in your office, home or anywhere punctually and are fully-equipped to start work immediately. As they possess in-depth experience in what they do, they will only take a short time to repair your locks and bring them back into fine working condition.

Maximized security

Today, locksmiths offer high quality services that provide maximum security to your home. You will no longer need to worry about leaving your home for extended periods of time as they are well-protected. When you secure your office or home, you can also bring down your insurance premiums as you are not at risk and have done everything to keep your property and belongings safe. While it may require some sort of investment to install modern security locks and systems, the peace of mind will quickly pay off the money you have spent earlier for the installation.

High level of trustworthiness

In some cases, certain business and home owners may end up paying more than they should for locksmith services when they hire shady locksmiths. Reliable locksmiths provide full transparency and you will feel much safer with the services they provide. Additionally, you will only be charged for a fair amount for each service you procure. That being said, you should never opt for companies that adjust their prices too often, as they might be taking advantage of the situation you are in. Best of all, trustworthy companies will also furnish you with invaluable tips that will help you prevent the security of your home, office or car from being compromised – at no cost!

Enjoy a variety of services

With their skills and expertise, you will be able to choose from a variety of services. These include repairing door locks (such as your safe), duplicating keys for your locks as well as installing high security locks in your office or home. Furthermore, locksmiths can handle many types of locks such as deadbolts, knobs, levers, door viewers and key cylinders. Professional locksmiths will also have no problems at handling doors that are made with steel or glass, and the locks can be repaired without damaging any part of the door.

One more thing, never forget to get a receipt after a payment has been completed. In the event that some things do not go as planned, you can use your receipt as a form of guarantee to get follow-up services.

Are Secure Patio Door Locks All That Important?

As a matter of fact, patio door locks are quite important in that FBI statistics show that over 40% of all residential burglars target the first-floor doors. Furthermore, patio doors are mostly located in the back of a home, something that offers burglars more freedom to do their thing without being visible. They simply operate without the same visibility in the surroundings that trying to break into the front door normally offers. This being the case, it pays to consider the locks on your patio door. The more sophisticated or complex they are, the more safety and security they offer.

Most sliding glass patio doors, especially older doors, are often secured with latches as opposed to security locks. Latches offer very little protection against determined burglars with crow bars. This being the case, it is always pays to have more secure locks installed on your sliding patio door.

Here are some of the best patio door lock choices and security tips to consider.

Clamps locks

These are essentially placed either on the top or bottom track of the sliding patio door. Other times, the lock is placed in such a way as to allow the door to be slightly opened. Most of the times, these kinds of locks come with keys to operate the door. Installation normally requires drilling a hole through the door to attach the lock.

Foot operated locks

These are some of the best locks you can install on your sliding patio door. These kinds of locks are placed on the bottom track, and when closed, they offer a high level security. With these kinds of locks, you either have the option of having a pedal-style lock that unleashes the locking mechanism, or a kind that can be pushed down to engage the lock.

Beyond the patio door locks

The majority of security professionals concur that sliding doors are not nearly as secure as locks with deadbolts on the entry door. However, there are a number of additional protection measures that a homeowner with a sliding patio doors can consider.

Decals and signs

Putting up one kind of a security sign or another warning of a guard dog or alarm system is known to successfully thwart burglary attempts. Although most of the burglars realize that these decals and signs are not misleading, it makes sense to them to opt for a home that appears to offer the quickest and easiest entry.

Secure the sliding door’s tracks

One of the commonest ways to defeat a sliding patio is to lift it off the tracks and simply remove it. The best way to avoid this is to insert a number of screws, mostly three, into the tracks. These should be inserted in such a way as they are able to secure the tracks while not restricting the movement of the sliding door.

Charley bars

These bars extend from the top or side of the door and into the lower track of the door. When someone tries to open the door from the outside, even after defeating the lock, the door can open as it is completely blocked by the bar. However, for the bar to work as expected, it needs to be made of a substantial material, for example metal, wood, or something of the same bearings.

All in all, most areas tend to see a significant increase in break-ins from the months of November through January due to the holiday season according to a reliable locksmith in downtown Montreal. As a result, homeowners are advised to take every precaution they can to protect their valuables during this season by having the right types of locks installed on their doors.

What Should You Do When Your Keyless Entry Malfunctions?

There is nothing as frustrating as finding your keyless entry is not working when in a hurry to get to work. That said, while the key fob has improved the convenience factor in the modern automobiles, a malfunctioning keyless entry can make your vehicle difficult if not impossible to use. In keyless technology, the key fob typically communicates with the locks in your vehicle by the use of memory chips and radio wave signals. With this level of lock and key operation sophistication, it is not surprising that things can go wrong with the key fob. Prior to calling a professional that specializes in Montreal locks to have a look at the malfunctioning key fob, here are some things you can attempt to try and determine the issue.

Reprogram the remote

This problem is mostly brought about by a faulty battery in the remote device. Luckily, all that is needed when it comes to reprograming the remote is to enter the car with a normal key, close the doors, and then insert the key in the ignition. Once this is done, don’t start the vehicle but rather quickly flip the key back and forth between the first and second settings till a chiming sound is heard. You should then press number one on the remote pad to confirm the programming operation, and then wait for a second chiming sound.

Finally, the keys should then be removed from the ignition, and the doors locked, but after exiting from the car. Wait around twenty seconds prior to trying the remote again to see if it is working. However, it is good to note that the precise steps for programming a specific key fob depends on a car model and the year of manufacture. As such, always consult the owner’s manual for particular instructions.

Replace the battery

The majority of vehicle key fobs can be split open through a small slot on the side of the remote. Inside, there is normally a small coin battery. When a keyless lock or any other entry device stops working, the first thing to replace is the battery, in particular if that device is over one year old. Make sure to insert the right kind of battery on your device as differently sized.

Check if the issue is in the remote control

It is more than likely that your vehicle came with a backup key fob or keyless entry device. As such, it is always good to make sure that the backup is working so as to ascertain if indeed the problem is associated with a malfunctioning key. If all of these devices are not working, then chances are that the issue lies within the car itself. A number of things can lead to this eventuality, including faulty locking mechanism, broken memory card or transmitter and the likes.

According a renowned locksmith based in town, replacing damaged or broken key fobs can be quite costly, meaning that it is always a great idea to first try the above. If all these don’t work, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional automotive locksmith to solve your issues. Nevertheless, if nothing works, it’s advisable to check with a dealership about acquiring a new keyless entry device or key fob.

All in all, one of the commonest things that is done by a professional automobile or home locksmith is to let people back into their cars or home after being locked out, or after their sophisticated locking mechanisms fails to work. Whether you have lost your keys or misplaced them, there is always a reputable and knowledgeable locksmith around Montreal that can conveniently allow you back into your property again.

Top 5 Professional Garage Door Locks To Opt For

Although not considered important by a majority of homeowners, garage door locks are a crucial part of a home’s security. More often than not, most homeowners are quite satisfied with whichever lock happens to be in their garage doors at the time they acquire their properties according to a professional serrurier in Montreal. Unfortunately, most home break-ins happen through the garage doors. So, if you have never given much consideration to your garage door lock, then this might be a good time to have it evaluated. And that is especially if the lock on your garage door is the same you found installed when you first bought your home.

Here are some of the best garage door locks to opt for.

Side-mounted bolt locks

This is one of the best locks you can ever opt for and have installed on your garage door. These are deadbolt style types of locks that are mounted on the door track. Once installed on your garage door, this kind of a lock can never be accessed from outside the door, even with the most of sophisticated tools. While this lock is a comparatively inexpensive, it offers the best value in money in terms of the security it provides.

T-handle locks

These are some of the most commonly used locks on metal constructed garage doors. These kinds of locks are operated with uniquely shaped kind of keys, making them quite secure. Due to their distinct shapes, keys used to operate T-handle locks are quite difficult to duplicate. As a result, these are some of the best lock types to have installed on your garage doors. Burglars find these kinds of locks much more difficult to overcome, and hence leave them alone.

Deadbolts for garage doors

Deadbolt locks that are installed on garage doors basically come in two styles. These are the double cylinder and single cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts are operated from the outside using a key and a knob from the inside. Double cylinder garage door deadbolts on the other hand require a key on both the outside and inside of the door to operate them. Deadbolt-style garage door locks are much more difficult to for the burglars to overcome compared to the spring-style locks that are prevalent on a majority of garage doors around the country.

Keyless digital locks

These are sophisticated types of locks that require no keys to operate them. Rather than operating them with a key, they are operated with a keypad into which the garage owner enters a sequence of digital codes. The most noteworthy thing about these locks is that they are not susceptible to picking methods as are their mechanical counterparts. Simply put, keyless digital locks offer relatively higher levels of security when compared to a majority of the other locks in the market.

Electronically-operated garage door locks

Electronically operated locks are some of the most advanced in all locks that you can ever choose for your garage door. The locks in simple terms are cutting-edge products of modern technology in lock making and are opened and closed with fingerprints rather than keys. Each of these locks has a capacity to store tens of fingerprints in their memory to allow easy access to multiple door users. Unfortunately, electronic locks are some of the most costly of locks, both in their purchase and installation, making them a preserve of moneyed homeowners. However, they kinds of locks offer the highest level of security that is currently available in garage door locks.

All in all, while the above list of locks that can be opted for is not all inclusive, it will give a homeowner looking for a secure lock for his garage door an idea of what to settle for. It is always a great idea to have that lock you found on your garage door replaced with something better for enhanced security.

You Will Need The Help Of A Locksmith At One Time Or Another!

When you think of a locksmith, you probably think of someone who can pick a lock or work their way through a security combination with ease. This is a true but incomplete idea of what a locksmith actually does. While locksmiths are primarily good with locks, their work goes beyond picking your lock when you lose your keys. Here are four situations in which that locksmith could be your safest bet:

Locking yourself in or out

This happens more frequently than you may care to admit. You could be rushing out of the house to take out the trash before the garbage company picks it up, only to realize that the keys were inside and the door locked itself. For most people, this will only require knocking or calling someone with your spare key. For others, these two options are impractical or generally unavailable, thus requiring a third one. Also, you could have been rushing into the office to pick up some work that you need to take home with you. Leaving the keys on the outside lock and with no one else in the office, you could find yourself locked in too. The locksmith in either case should be able to open the door and let you in or out.

Moving into a new house

When you are moving into a new house, you need to either have new locks installed or design a unique security system that would require custom lock combinations all over the house. If you do not know any locksmiths, you may have a really hard time crafting a new effective security system. Locksmiths are not only experienced, but also very well equipped to design a system that can keep you safe and secure for a long time. Your new house will thus only be as safe as you need it to be if you involve a locksmith in designing the security system.

Security system failures

Like anything man-made, security systems can fail. You may try to open a lock and find that it’s stuck, or suddenly your vault is not responding to its normal security code. The reality is that these systems are not perfect and there are times when you will need to get them checked and fixed. You could break that safe and buy another one, or even just discard that system for a new and more efficient one. But, what if the problem is actually very small and can be easily sorted out? It is often better to seek the opinion and services of a professional locksmith before spending too much on a replacement that is rather unnecessary.

Going away for a long time?

If you are planning a holiday, you need to be sure that you will be leaving your home safe from intruders. This means that you have to be sure that your current security system is good enough. Rather than just leaving it all to fate, call in a locksmith to assess your security system and give recommendations or even make adjustments before you leave. This will ensure that you can actually enjoy that holiday and find your house intact when you get back.

Most people presume that they would never really need a locksmith, but the reality is not as black and white. Locksmiths can actually save you a lot of time and money, while also keeping you and your valuables safe. Thus next time you are in some sort of a fix, consider getting the help of a locksmith. Regardless of your situation, it should not be so difficult to find a 24 hour locksmith in Montreal!