The chances of a burglar using lost keys to access your home are not that high.
However, it does not mean that you should overlook matters when you lose your house keys.
In fact, a good number of locksmiths recommend key replacement after losing home keys.
While a burglar many not be able to find your lost keys and access your house, he may access your home with a bump key.
Worse yet, if you do not have any key replacement, your doors will be left unlocked making it easy for anyone to enter.

What happens when you lose your key?

Well, there are a number of factors that can help you figure out which step to take when you lose your keys.
For instance, it is important to remember what was on the key chain and the place where you may have possibly lost the key.
This is because certain people can link whatever is on your key to your home and come later when you are away.
Essentially, it is recommendable to ensure that your key does not have anything that reveals identity.
If there is anything revealing your home identity, then you will have to replace the key as soon as possible.

Rekeying the lock

In some cases, your key may fall in the wrong hands.
Key replacement is actually costly and as such, it will not do you any harm when you ask your locksmith if he can rekey your locks.
Rekeying the lock is a cost-effective solution that gives you a chance to save and secure your home. Certain locks can be rekeyed while others cannot be rekeyed by a locksmith.
If your lock cannot be rekeyed, brace yourself to spend a little more fixing it. Usually, a locksmith will replace the entire lock and hand you a new set of keys hence the additional cost.
The cost of rekeying locks varies depending on the number of doors.

Choosing the best lock

Although all locks serve the same purpose of keeping your house secure, they are not all equal.
As such, you have to ensure that the lock you pick for your house is effective.
This is because certain locks can be easily broken into by burglars as compared to others.

In that case, you need to ensure that the lock you choose for your home is bump-proof.
It is also important to ensure that if your door has a window, the internal lock is not anywhere near the window.
If the lock is close to the window, you will have to go for a lock that cannot only be opened by a key from the outside but also from the inside. In addition, ensure that the key is always near the door in case of an emergency that requires you to exit the house quickly.

Smart locks

You may also consider smart locks for your door.
Note that this does not mean that the traditional locking system is ineffective.
With the smart lock system, you can just access your home using your smartphone. However, if your phone breaks or gets damaged due to a number of reasons, you may be inconvenienced.
You will always have a copy of keys with the traditional lock system in case you lose your key.

For the best house locks, you will need a professional locksmith in downtown Montreal.
These are simply some of the solutions that you can consider when you lose your house keys.
If you are unable to access your home after losing keys, just call up a professional locksmith.
He will help you unlock the door and fix a new lock for your home without breaking the bank!

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