lock rekeying service

Rekeying is a cost effective way to limit who can access your property without having to change the lock

Why You Should Rekey Your Locks

There are many different scenarios where this may be the best and most cost effective option for changing your locks. For example:

  • your keys are lost/stolen/ and you need to replace every lock.
  • you are re-letting a rental property.
  • you have bought a new house and want to be sure that only you have access.
  • you’ve changed your cleaning company and want to be sure that the previous cleaners can no longer get in.
  • your problematic room-mate has just moved out and you want to be sure they can’t get back in a hurry.
  • you want just one key to open various locks (no more heavy bunches in your pockets weighing you down!).
  • you want one key to work for both doorknobs and dead bolts.
lock rekeying service

get your lock rekeyed today !

YES, We can make all the locks work on the same key

For this type of service we will first make an appointment with you for a convenient time to call.

Our professional locksmiths will arrive fully prepared to replace the internal mechanisms of your locks so that only the new keys can open them.

We have had vast experience with our re-keying service and are fully confident that our bonded, licensed and insured personnel will be able to assist you to your complete satisfaction.