There are many reasons why people go looking for professional locksmiths- cleaning of malfunctioning locks, locks replacement, locks repair, locks installation, and so forth.
At one point in your life, you will have to hire a locksmith to avail one or all of these locksmith services.

All these are normal and very elementary situations where a locksmith is required, meaning that you have all the time to choose the best locksmith in your locality.
With all this in mind, here are some helpful locksmith tricks and tips that you need to be aware of whether you are an old hand or a new homeowner.


It is advisable to add a deadbolt for enhanced home protection. However, ensure it is correctly installed to achieve the desired results or for proper functionality. Remember to have a reputable locksmith to help you with the installation as most contractors do not know how to install deadbolts.

New houses or homes

Security when you move into a new home should be your first concern. The majority of homeowners create a number of spare keys for emergency purposes, meaning that the previous owners are likely to have a few sets of keys they gave out around to trusted friends, family members, neighbors, or even the contractors. To avoid this it is recommended that you replace or rekey the locks upon purchasing a new house as the previous owners as stated could have extra copies of the keys. Simply put, you will need to replace the locks in your new home if you do not want strangers to have access to your house.

Finding a stranger at your sitting room can be a very unsettling thing to any new homeowner. Replace the locks or rekey them so as to feel safe and secure when come back home from your living activities or when you lay down your head at night.

Replacing Vs rekeying the locks

Replacing the locks is a more complicated, invasive and expensive undertaking as the whole locking system needs to replaced with another model. If you feel the current locks are unreliable, then replacing the lock is the most ideal option.
And if the budget does allow you, then upgrade to something more efficient and stronger.

If you are sure that the current locks are reliable but is afraid of extra keys floating around, then it is recommended you have the locks rekeyed.
When a lock is rekeyed, its locking mechanism, in this case the tumbler is altered as to allow another key to operate it.
Once a lock has been rekeyed, a new key must be used and the old one invalidated.

It is advisable to contact a trustworthy and reliable locksmith if you are considering rekeying or replacing your locks.

On locks and windows

A criminal could easily force his entry into your home if there is a window near a simple deadbolt lock.
To avoid this, simply opt for a double cylinder lock that requires a key instead. And while at it, remember to remove the key form the lock for obvious reasons.

Sturdy doors

Make sure to go for solid sturdy doors that are made of steel or solid hardwood as they harder to break.
It does not matter the type of a lock you have on your door, a weak that is made of hollow or flimsy material can easily be broken or kicked in.

Hiring a locksmith

So you are looking to hire a serrurier in Montreal to help secure your new home? Well, good for you! But wait a minute; take your time when it comes to hiring a new locksmith as they are not the same.
Some of are simply scam artists who are waiting to charge you far more than they quoted for an inferior service.

Find a reliable, experienced and trustworthy locksmith through carrying out a proper research on them and then settling on the best.
In simple terms, don’t call up the first name that you come across in the yellow pages when looking for a new locksmith.

Key hiding places

It is never a great idea to hide your door key under the mat as anybody can easily find it and gain entry into your home, even when you are inside it. Doormats, mailboxes, fake rocks, planters, rocks, pots, etc are all common place where most people hide their keys.

It is recommended to choose a place that is at least 25 feet away from the door and that is protective and unusual instead. Better still, why don’t you give a spare key to a trusted neighbor, friend or family member?

All in all, make a point of going through the above tips and tricks as they can come handy when you least expect it.
Ensure to share them with your friends, loved ones and new homeowners as they too can greatly benefit from this information.

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