For homeowners and business owners, security is a top priority especially when selecting door locks for their homes and businesses. This is followed by of course, style, cost and finish. When choosing the best door lock, it will depend on whether your door is exterior or interior because each door requires different locking mechanisms. It won’t make sense for you to install a deadbolt on your bathroom door or say, a push button lockset on your front entry door. The market has made available different quality kinds of locks but first, you need to read on to know which will suit you even as you want to keep burglars out.


Keyless locks

Homeowners, who want to have an advanced security as well as convenience, go for the keyless door locks. You can use them to replace the standard deadbolts on your exterior doors .It has an anti theft code feature which ensures that the same code is never used twice. And the most sophisticated types come with an alarm which sounds after entering the incorrect code more than three consecutive times. Also, you will come across some systems that are compatible with specific home security systems or garage door openers.


These locks are the best for security on residential doors. The truth is that if you are looking for the best way to secure your front door, then a deadbolt would be the answer. One thing you should note about these locks is that they don’t contain springs. And there are a couple of them to choose from. For instance there is the single cylinder deadbolt which requires a key when locking the outside of your door, while the other side will require a manual turning or opening with a simple knob. The other type in this category is the double cylinder deadbolt. Although this one is not common in most homes, it is the best if you have a glass door. It is known to offer the most security because even if a criminal breaks the glass, they won’t be able to turn the inner knob to gain access to your house.

There is also the single sided deadbolt which comes in handy if you want to add some extra layer of protection from the inside of your home. You can install the single sided deadbolt on your main doors to lower the risk of break ins. The last type in this category is the keyless electronic deadbolt. These ones come with a manual knob on the inside of your door and a keypad on the outside. And you can still use your current key if the keypad were to stop working.

Entry locksets or handlesets

Handlesets and locksets are a medium security door locks which are often combined with deadbolt. They come with two doorknobs that you can lock form the inside and the outside. You will use a key to unlock the outside knob, while the other knob locks from the inside by depressing a small button or by turning. If you are looking for a way to improve on your home’s security and at the same time add a decorative feature on the exterior of your door, then a lockset or handleset will be your best bet.

Sash locks

Sash locks join a bolt and latch and have a handle on either side of a door. They are perhaps the best door locks if you are looking for something to fit to back or side doors. Usually, sash locks come with two, three or five levers. A good thing about sash locks is that they can be fitted to any kind of doors.

Mortise locks

These locks are commonly used on residential doors, including the storm doors. The lockset contains a flat, rectangular box which is meant to fit into a recess of your door from the edge. It also comes with faceplates that have knobs and keyholes. Except when the outside knob is locked, the latch can operate from either side. And you will operate the deadbolt by turning the inside knob.

Yale locks

Yale locks are fitted to wooden doors and come in traditional, drawback, standard or high security variety. If you want to have a lock change, all you need is to replace the lock. These locks can be round rim or rectangular in shape.

As you can see, there are different types of locks that you may want to take advantage of. If you are looking for a door lock today, make sure that you purchase them from a trusted and reputable dealer. There is a good reason for this, you will get value for your money even as you increase security for your home or business premises.

At Express Locksmith, we can assist you find the best locks for your property. We also offer repairs on the locks and will always assist you in case you are locked out of your home or car. Contact us today as we will be pleased to work with you!

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