If you have ever been to a large shopping center, school or office building, chances are you have either entered or exited a particular facility through a door that has been fitted with a panic bar. A panic bar, also known as a crash bar or panic bar door, is a huge asset in the event of an emergency. The bars contain a spring-loaded metal bar that is fitted horizontally across the inside of a door. When the bar is pushed, the door unlatches and allows easy and quick access from a facility as it opens outward.

Panic bars came to life due to several tragedies that took place in the past. One notable incident dates back to 1883, at Victoria Hall in England. The lives of about 180 children were taken when they were not able to exit the facility properly. Also a fire at the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago caused 600 people to lose their lives as they could not exit promptly. In this article, you will learn more on why you should install panic bars for your property.

They are very effective

Now that we have covered the value and purpose of panic bars in facilities, it is time to understand its effectiveness in emergency situations. For a long time, we were always advised to stay calm in the event of an emergency, but staying calm is not always practical when faced with an unexpected situation. When you panic, the thought of staying calm is not guaranteed to be in your mind’s list of priorities. Hence, panics bars allow you to escape faster and more effectively without needing to think too much when you are evacuating. The speed which you evacuate can be the difference between life and death most of the time.

Lower your property’s insurance premiums

Property and building managers are always on their toes to look for ways to improve their building’s security and safety. At the same time, they may have certain budgets to work with and panic bars can provide a win-win scenario for these professionals. That is due to the proper fitting of such devices that possibly leads to a drop in the facility’s insurance premium. Just like how some enhanced safety features on a car come with a premium discount, the same concept applies to properties.

Although panic bars have the ability to reduce insurance premiums, property and building managers should not skim on their facility’s safety to save more money in the process. Extra funds should be allocated to the investment of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and good lighting in walkways and hallways, sprinkler system, portable fire extinguishers and child-safe window hardware.

They are affordable

When you take into consideration the cost of installing new doors, appliances or other similar services that a locksmith provides or specialize in, the cost of panic doors are considerably inexpensive. In many cases, some of the best models cost more than $300 and other models cost less than $100. What’s more, if you need more than one panic bars installed, the locksmith that hire will most likely throw in a discount on the total costs including labour.

Choose from a variety

As we mentioned that there are many models to choose from, you choose a panic bar out of the few that suits your needs. Some models include an alarm that prevents unauthorized exit, vertical types and even cross bar types. You may choose from different kinds of price points and this allows you meet your facility’s safety requirements as well as your intended budget.

They are very safe

One of the biggest advantages of panic bars is their high level of safety in non-emergency situations and the process of streamlining evacuation. For example, panic bars can be installed on the inside of the door and the door remains locked to everyone who attempts to enter from the outside, preventing unauthorized access to your property. Furthermore, these bars come well-equipped with a built-in alarm system and you can easily detect any unauthorized evacuation. To ensure that they are in proper working order, the installation should be done by a professional or commercial locksmith.

Many properties today require panic bars on their emergency exits. If you have not installed a panic bar before, now is the time to analyze your property and its evacuation protocol to see if you can benefit from the aforementioned. It is never fun to stress over an emergency situation that takes place within your property, but being prepared for such unexpected incidents is always better than nothing.

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