We hope you don’t keep your spare house key in those common hiding places like on top of the door frame or underneath a doormat. These places are a complete no–no. You should note that burglars know where to check for such keys and it won’t even arouse any suspicion. And soon, your house will be broken into.

Many people really need a place to keep their house keys because they don’t want to accidentally lock themselves out of their homes or simply someone else in the family will want to access the home. A neighbor for instance may want to gain access of your home so as to water your plants when you are away or your son is back from school and wants to watch their favorite show. This article has gathered together tips on the best places to keep your keys and also how to hide them:



Don’t put that spare key under your potted plant; instead, hide the key in a lockbox which is hidden behind vegetation or a plant. And the security code offers extra safety even as it is still convenient for you to be able to access your property after being locked out. A trusted person can still access your house when need be, as long as it is with your permission. If you just remembered that you forgot to feed your pet, you will want to give your neighbor permission to feed them.

There is also another trick about hiding your spare keys. Because you don’t want to keep it within the arm’s reach of your front door, you can use the A/C unit on your property or even a grill that is sitting in the back yard to put your keys there. In fact, just find one inconspicuous spot in it and then stash your spare key there. Just make sure that no one can see it while standing next to your grill or A/C unit and neither can they dip their fingers easily.

Keys on a wire

Although burglars are known to be fast, they are also stealthy. For instance, they can crack open your key vault very fast and quietly, but it will be nearly impossible for them to retrieve a potential spare key from within a wind chime. So, it is advisable to replace your knocker with a ring of house keys. And only out of them should be the potential spare key. Burglars don’t want to waste their time removing the key ring or wake your neighbors with the clatter of chimes. You can even hang multiple chimes with multiple rings to multiply the effect.

Only give your key to someone you trust

It is common for people to give spare keys to family members, good friends and significant others. However, it is advisable to make sure that you give the spare keys to someone you know well and trust. You may want to give your spare key to a neighbor you trust, but not a new neighbor you don’t know well. And it is true that your neighbors will often know when you are not at home.

The key party

Hiding a needle in a hay stack is not the same as hiding a needle in a stack of needles. If for instance you would take a one liter mason jar and fill it halfway with key blanks and then toss your spare key (different color) in, it won’t be so obvious to spot it. And if you fill the remaining part of the jar with blanks and shake well to mix, it will take you or a potential intruder a significant amount of time to dig the spare out. And this is the whole point.

The Fido maneuver

If your dog is only meant to run around your backyard all day long, it might be the time to put it to even better use. You can affix a pouch to your dog’s collar and store your house spare key in there. Alternatively, you can clip the spare to the ID ring. This way, your dog will be given a great sense of purpose and your spare keys will stay guarded. Don’t forget to buy him some milk-bones for dinner!

One extra point is to change your locks after a roommate moves out. You already know, it is better to be safe than sorry. And ex–roommates can be the cause of several problems. They will allow the copies of your house key to float about, while others grant themselves unauthorized access to your house. If you no longer keep track of where your house’s spare keys are, it is the highest time to change the locks. Don’t risk theft; just have a locksmith change your locks.

Contact us at Express Locksmith for more information on key and locks as well as your home’s security issues. We are more than willing to work with you!

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