What Are Some Of The Most Popular Kinds Of Locks Used Today?

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, securing your valuables should always be on top of your priority list.
Unfortunately, most people do not understand how different locks work.

That is one of the main reasons why unscrupulous locksmiths always reap off unsuspecting residential and commercial property owners.

You don’t have to go that way and end up paying a locksmith more than you should. Simply follow the following guide for security locks.
You can then proceed to keep in touch with a locksmith you trust if everything fails.

Key locks for doors

Key locks come in different shapes and designs.
That is a good thing primarily because you do not need the same kind of lock on your study room door as you do on the main entrance.

That is where deadbolt locks come into the picture.
They are designed to keep burglars and housebreakers at bay.
There are however different types of deadbolts.

There is the double cylinder model which is preferred by most locksmiths because it is ‘heavy duty’ and ‘hard to crack’.
It features a key hole on either side of the door which makes it ideal for internal rooms.

To ensure that your deadbolt is properly fitted, confirm it the bolt is at least 25cm long.
Then always keep the key to the deadbolt lock near the door so that you can easily get out in case of an emergency.

Door knob locks
Door Knob Lock
Dead Bolt Locks

Card locks

Smart chip or magnetic key cards are mostly used for shared places like business premises and hotel rooms.
They provide a convenient and fast access to premises, a factor that makes them safer than key looks.

This is especially in cases where access codes can be easily changed several times for security reasons.
There is a downside that comes along with card locks though.
They can be easily demagnetized. There is also the fact that card locks are not entirely safe from tech savvy hackers.

Binary code locks

Commonly referred to as code locks or mechanical code locks, they are mostly used in commercial buildings. They ideal mainly because they allow for key free use.
Another perk that comes along with code locks is the fact that they allow one to have different codes for different users.

If for instance you change your housekeeping services, all you need to do is to disable the code that your former cleaners used to gain access to the house.
The only perk that comes along with code locks is the fact that a forgetful person can have a hard time trying to recall codes.

Kaba-Simplex Locks

Biometric locks

Most restricted areas in commercial properties use biometric locks for security reasons.
This trend is however quickly changing as most homeowner now prefer biometric locks to simple deadbolt locks.
They feature advanced systems put in place by highly skilled locksmiths to recognize retina scans, voice and touch identification.
This makes them highly secure as only authorized personnel can have access to areas locked by biometric locks.

Biometric locks

Panic locks

They are ideal for public buildings and emergency exits. That is because they come complete with a sidebar that is easy to unlock in emergency cases.

All one needs to do in case of an emergency is to just push the panic lock and the door will open. It should however be noted that panic locks can only be opened from the inside.
This is both a perk and a downside. It is a perk because the door can open even it is solidly locked from the inside. It is a downside because only people inside the building can open it.
You don’t have to worry though if you have a jammed panic lock as most locksmiths in Montreal are familiar with them. check our locksmith products page for more info.

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Panic Bar (Exit Device)
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