It can be all to easy to lose your only set of car keys. If this happens and you find yourself without your keys, then there are several things that you can do in order to quickly and safely get back into your car. This article provides some simple advice on what to do if you have been locked out of your car.

Avoid Window Breaking

While it may be tempting to smash a window in order to gain access to your car, this may not always be a good idea. Infact, you can cause injury to yourself and not to mention damage to your car which can be more expensive to repair than just calling out a locksmith. Avoid the temptation to smash a window unless you really need to get into your car in the event of an emergency.

Retrace Your Steps

Chances are if you can’t gain access to your car then you will have lost your car keys somewhere. Try and mentally retrace your steps throughout the day to see if you can jog your memory of where they will be. Try and remember the last place that you had them. If you went into some shops then you may want to call them up to see if they have found anything. Also rack your brains to remember if you stashed a spare key somewhere safe.


If you really can’t find your keys then you will need to call out a locksmith. They will have the tools and expertise to be able to quickly and safely get into your car without causing any additional damage. Most locksmiths will offer a range of services, including being able to replicate keys, break locks and reprogramme reset or create key fobs for most makes and models of cars. If you have a particularly unusual make and model of car then you may need to seek out more specialist locksmiths.

If you think that you lost your car keys, or key fob, in the area near to your car, then you may also want to think about having all of the locks replaced on your car (or having the key fob reprogrammed). If a thief found the keys or key fob, then they could be planning to break into your car at a later date. Always make sure that you choose a trusted and reputable locksmith team so that you know they can provide you with a high quality level of service. Oh, and always store their telephone number in your phone so that you can quickly reach them in an emergency.


After you get back into your car, you will more than likely want to take some extra precautions to prevent it from happening again in the future. There are several things that you can do to stop you from getting locked out of your car. The first thing is to have a spare set of car keys cut and keep them somewhere safe in your home. You can also keep them in a key safe located on the grounds of your property so that you can access them should you be locked out of your home too!

There are also a number of special apps that allow you to store images of your key, which can then be used to create a new copy in the future should you lose them. Finally, something as simple as a lost key locator may help you to find those lost keys. Key locators work by using a WiFi signal to locate the area where your keys are. Good luck!

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