A professional locksmith is fully aware that it takes perseverance and skill to pick a lock. In fact, it does not require a lot of force in order to pick inside the hole to spring a lock free. Skills, proper tools and a precise method are very important when it comes to solving a lock issue. Locksmiths are very important in our society because if you lock the key inside the car or house, you cannot access your property. Also, you may lose your keys easily or even break them off; thanks to these professionals because they are always there for your assistance. If you feel there are some locks you can try yourself, then below are some of the methods the locksmiths use around homes:

Evaluate the condition of the lock

The number one step to accessing a troubled lock is assessing its condition. If the lock is dirty, it may even be more difficult to pick. These dirty locks come as a result of aging or staying for long without being used. Cylinder locks have tumblers which use pins of different lengths in order to ensure that your lock won’t open without the correct key.

So over time, the tumblers may grow hence affecting the ability for a locksmith to pick the lock successfully. Depending on the evaluation, the locksmith will know the right method to use. Sometimes, the weather may affect the lock springs because they have varied reactions to hot and cold days. Just like locksmiths can assert, clean tumbler is crucial since dirty locks are much more difficult to pick.

Raking the lock to open it

Raking is one of the techniques locksmiths use to pick the lock and it can vary depending on the situation at hand. Using a lubricant, the locksmith can easily slide the rake pick into the lock. They will then use a tension tool to tightly fit the keyway. This requires light tension because it is the best approach prior to using other excessive methods. Extreme tensions can weaken the springs in the lock and even rigidly maintain the lock in place.

Scrubbing it

If raking doesn’t succeed, scrubbing the lock can come next. This involves pushing the lock’s pin up on the first pin and then pushing it back but this time, across all of the pins. This method is great as it allows the user to know which pins set first. It is prudent to be gentle, so light tension is the best mechanism. If it fails, you can apply a tougher tension to see if the pins will set. Usually, locksmiths do try a few different levels of tension as they hold the pick at variable locations.

Jiggling it

This is the simplest method especially for beginners. It is the act of placing a normal pin in the lock and then jiggling it. If you feel the pin set, stop jiggling further and instead start on another part of the lock. Various levels of tension also work with this jiggle method.

Contact a specialist because not all tricks are foolproof

You should note that the above are some of the basic ways you can try if you really feel you can take the charge yourself but if it is not possible for you, it is prudent to contact a specialist. There are different types of locksmiths so it is important for you to know who to contact. For instance, emergency locksmith will be there for your rescue in case you have locked your keys in the car or at home. On the other hand, commercial locksmiths will come in, in case of business security solutions, while the residential locksmiths are within reach and can assist you with your home security issues. All these locksmiths are charged with the task of ensuring security of the property and the number one thing they are interested in is access to the property. Below are some of the tasks locksmiths are charged with:

• They make locks

They are dedicated to making locks which are used on different kinds of doors. Also, they can change locks if they happen to be faulty.

• Opening locks

Anyone can misplace their keys. If this happens to you and you find yourself facing your lock, it is the job of the locksmith to get it open.

• Testing your home security

Most people don’t know how secure their homes are; a locksmith can help you in testing your locks because they have the knowledge of lock picking. They will test the lock to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

• Duplicating keys

Besides making or changing locks, a locksmith can also duplicate extra set of keys to ensure that you are set and comfortable at all times. They will also provide tips on where to keep your keys to ensure you don’t lose them.

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