Doors are one of the crucial building blocks that contribute to a secure home. It is considered by many as the first line of defence against burglars. From time to time, you have to assess the condition of your existing locks. If they appear to be flimsy when handled, it is best to call in a lock specialist. Whether it turns out to be a simple repair or a total change of locks, you are doing your part in maintaining a safe home. If you are looking for new locks to replace the old ones, read on to find out more of today’s selections.

Keyless deadbolt locks

These keyless locks are also known as electronic locks and they do not necessarily require a physical to operate. Usually physical keys can be kept as backups when a manual override is required. Most keyless locks tend to come with remote controls, numeric keypads and even fingerprint-recognition capabilities.

If you own a keyless lock, you are expected to travel keyless and that proves to be extremely convenient for many homeowners. Some people find it cool to adjoin their lock’s remote control with their car’s remote onto a single keychain. And some people also find it important to take advantage of today’s many technological advancements. Busy individuals may sometimes face difficulty in keeping track of their small sized belongings such as their office or home keys. Keyless locks ensure that they have one less thing to worry about.

If you are the forgetful type, this lock may prove to be a slight disadvantage to you. Just like how you may forget where you put your keys, you may also forget your unique numeric pass code! Most keyless locks tend to lock you out when the wrong code is entered multiple times. However, if you are someone who prefers automated accessories, keyless locks make you feel like you are returning home, a la entering Tony Stark’s facilities.

Exterior lock sets

Many homes, by default, are equipped with exterior locksets to its doors. Any standard lockset consists of the following construction:

•    Single keyhole on the outside.

•    A press-able button to lock the door from inside. May have another keyhole too.

These locksets are used due to its solid construction as well as its dependence on a key to be locked or unlocked. As compared to deadbolt locks, these locks in particular are within an affordable range. This benefit is in favour of homeowners who live in relatively safe residential areas; average pricing with dependable functionalities, what more can they ask for?

The only downside is that they are quite easy to pick; just a credit card or something similar will do the trick. Hence, individuals who wish to go for this type of lock must take into account, how safe is their neighbourhood as well as the types of individuals who pass by on a daily basis.

Rim automatic dead latch

If you seek an extra layer of security, especially when night falls, these rim automatic dead latches acts as an additional security measure apart from your main lock. Some models also come with key locking handles, which can be unlocked or locked from either side. Many locksmiths may not encourage you to consider this as your one and only main lock for your front door.

Privacy locks

Privacy locks are manufactured to be the perfect candidate for interior applications in one’s home. The lock consists of a simple mechanism that includes a button on one side and small knob on the other. The button is often pushed to lock the door whilst the knob can turned in a certain direction to unlock it. Privacy locks are not to be used for the exterior of one’s home, instead installing it on doors that connect your house and garage is much better. These locks are convenient locks to have around the house, very economical and are relatively easy to install.

Auxiliary locks

Auxiliary locks are usually used in conjunction with a main lock and they are often installed on the inside part of a homeowner’s main door. Chain door locks fall under this category and they are in fact very popular. The lock is very easy to operate as you only need to slide the opposite end of the chain into a metal or steel bracket mounted on a flat surface (typically a wall) next to the door. Chain door locks are great secondary locks for a wide range of doors, so you won’t have any difficulty in finding one.

Certain lock installations may be complicated to some individuals, who may attempt to perform the aforementioned process themselves. There is of course an effective solution, and that is to engage the services of a professional locksmith. At Express Locksmith, we ensure that your locks get installed or replace within the shortest amount of time.

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