Proper locks and keys are important to ensure maximum security of homes for the safety of homeowners and their families. There are so many different types of keys used in many different industries for a myriad of purposes. Having different types of keys also helps us differentiate what keys are of what uses. Many of us are familiar with house keys and car keys. However, there are a variety of other types of keys that may be new to many too. In today’s modern society, keys come in so many different shapes and sizes and may not even be in its traditional metal form! Key cards are one example of keys which do not even look like a key but works just like one. Here are the most common types of keys and what they are mostly used for.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys are often used as car keys in today’s modern society. With car thefts becoming increasingly common, transponder keys were developed to enhance security of cars and vehicles by preventing theft, as these keys are almost impossible to duplicate. This significantly reduces the risk of car theft, as it is rather difficult for someone to make a copy and steal your vehicle. Furthermore, in the event that a wrong key is used to attempt to steal the car, some cars will shut down totally, rendering the attempt a failure. Aren’t we lucky that transponder keys are so technologically advanced?

Double sided or four-sided keys

These keys are often used on locks for homes, as they are more durable than normal keys. These keys differ significantly from usual keys as they have two to four sets of teeth, which make them more durable from normal keys. Additionally, the extra sets of teeth make the lock extremely hard to pick which significantly decreases the risk of break-ins. Simply put, if the locks in your house are difficult to pick, burglars will have a hard time invading your home.

Para centric keys

Para centric keys are distinct and discernible by its small set of teeth at the tip of the key and its twisted shape. These keys are most often used in prisons to prevent inmates from picking the locks and escaping. Prisons need to ensure that inmates are locked up properly by using the most appropriate locks and keys. Para centric locks and keys are most often used when the highest level of security is needed.

Dimple keys

Dimple keys are identifiable from the dimples on the length of the key. This type of key uses the dimples on the key to match with pins on the lock to open a door. In addition, each side of the key has the same alignment of dimples, which allows the key to be used in either orientation. This type of key is largely used for homes to enhance security.

Tubular keys

Tubular keys are also commonly known as barrel keys. These keys have a unique cylindrical shape and are often used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. These keys are used for a variety of purposes but most typically to open vending machines and bicycle locks. One advantage of using a tubular key is that these keys are rather difficult to duplicate as compared to normal tumbler keys. This enhances security and minimizes the risk of your bicycle being stolen, as duplicating a key will prove problematic to thieves.

Key cards

Most of us who have stayed in hotels will be familiar with key cards. Key cards are unique and often used in hotels to unlock hotel doors. With increasing technological advancements, keys nowadays do not just come in its traditional shape and form. A key card is a card that is inserted into a device on the door to unlock it. The device reads the unique signature on the magnetic strip on the card to open the door. Some key cards just need to be tapped at the device on the door!

A card that does not even look like a tradition key but acts like one is perfect as it is inconspicuous. Others may not even know that the card is a key to a room. Additionally, hotels do not specify which room number the card is assigned to on the card itself, unlike keys, which may have a number tag. As such, if the key card is lost, others would not know which room the key card belongs to, keeping your possessions safe.

These are the most common types of keys and what they are often used for! Do seek professional advice if you are concerned about the security of your lock and keys. The quicker you seek help, the greater you can decrease the risk of your home being broken into or your car being stolen. Also, always ensure that you lock your vehicle and homes properly and keep your keys safely. Stay safe!

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