When families first settle into a new home, one of the first few things they do is look to properly secure and protect their loved ones from burglars and break ins. Choosing the right locks for your home will not only give you a peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe, but also keep your valuables and possessions safe. There are many types of locks in the market nowadays with technological advancements ranging. Where does one even begin? Choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task. With patience, a little bit of research and time to seek advice from professionals, you can rest assure that your home will have proper security from burglars in no time.

To help you kick-start your search for the right locks for your home, here are some top tips for choosing the best locks for your home to keep your property safe and secured.

Look into double cylinder locks

A double cylinder door lock is a type of lock that is used to enhance security especially on the doors of people’s homes. Most often, families choose to use double cylinder door locks together with a variety of devices that enhance security. Furthermore, double cylinder locks can be used to lock balcony doors or doors that lead to your patio. They can be used for many doors in your home.

Many experienced professionals feel that double cylinder locks are great to enhance security, as a key is required to go into and exit a home. This boosts the security of a home! In addition, the second key, which professionals advise not to leave unattended in the lock, prevents burglars from entering a home from a window and opening the door.

Consider using a deadbolt

A deadbolt is unique as it is impossible to open in any way other than by rotating the lock cylinder. As such, using a deadbolt maximizes security as it makes a door more resistant to entry by burglars without the key. A deadbolt is extremely important as it restricts the entry and exit of people in a home. One tip is to also consider choosing deadbolts for the door that is attached to a garage. It is always safe to be protected! Making careful decisions now can prevent a lot of regret and heartache in the future in the unfortunate event of a break in.

Choosing deadbolts carefully can also ensure that your deadbolt is as secure as possible. Research shows that a large proportion of burglars enter a house from doors on the ground floor. As such, keeping the doors on your first floor as secure as possible is vital to help minimize the risk of break-ins. Professionals advise that homeowners choose a steel deadbolt with a length that extends into the door frame. Moreover, choose deadbolts that can withstand saws and has pins that spin if a saw is used to break in. This will keep your home safe as if saws are used to attempt to cut through the deadbolt, the saw will not cut through and instead spin the pins inside.

Alternatively, choose good digital locks

If you are concerned that your locks may be successfully picked at, you could consider choosing good digital locks. There are many different types of digital locks that can enhance security without the use of actual keys. Since many burglars pick locks to get inside homes, having a keyless lock will minimize the risk of having your lock picked at. There is a wide range of digital locks to choose from such as fingerprint locks and locks that are remote controlled. Seek professional advice on good digital locks. Do take note that when choosing a digital lock, be sure that there is no keyhole as many digital lock systems use keys as a backup system.

Ensure that you do not neglect your door

As you go about choosing which lock to purchase, do not forget your door! Your door is as important as the lock you choose. Choosing an expensive, secure lock may prove useless if you have a hollow door that may not provide the maximum security that you worked hard towards getting. Often, burglars kick down doors, as it is a simple and quick way to get in and get out.

Do ensure that you do a little research to choose a sturdy door that will be strong enough to withstand a heavy hitting. Strong materials that you can choose from include solid wooden doors or even metal ones. Remember that good door locks can work well only if doors are strong enough further enhance security of your home.

When it comes to the security of our homes and protection and safety of our loved ones, many of us will put in time and effort to ensure the best. With these tips, you can begin choosing the right locks for your home to enhance security for your whole family.

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