Security is very important today more than ever. Modern day technologies are increasing theft and burglary rates and that is why you need to have the best security coverage for your home. Here are some top security tips to protect your house and valuables that you can start practising today!

Consider checking the exterior of your house

Maybe as a first step, you could examine the exterior of your house. This is to ensure that none of the windows are broken or damaged to allow access into your property. Also, entry via garages or conservatories must also be inspected for. Make sure you also don’t leave around anything that might aid robbers to get in. For example, tools and other items like ladders must be hidden away.

Check your doors and windows all the time

Make sure you get an experienced and qualified locksmith to check on your doors and windows. This includes internal doors, room doors, conservatories and also garages. This is to ensure all the doors and windows have the right locks placed on them and that the locks are intact and not damaged. They should be in good conditions, be of a proper fit and also meet the requirements of your insurance.

Think about if your house is presenting opportunities for a break in

Opportunistic thieves approach houses when they feel that not many people are around in the area and in the house. This can be tackled smartly by installing light timers around and in the house so that it always appears that someone is in your house, especially at night. These intelligent light timers go on and off to program timings to appear as though people are switching on the lights and using different areas of the house.

Door sensor lighting for both your front and back door

These lightings are also intelligent devices which light up upon use. These can allow you to have a safe entry into your house, at the same time keep away potential thieves away from if these areas are lit.

Use security alarms

Security alarms come in very handy to guard your house. However, these alarms are also vulnerable devices especially if they have been in use for a long time. Observant thieves who have been watching over your house for a while can easily work through these codes and security lines. Such alarms would be really beneficial if the code is changed once in a while and if it is put to use as though it is a new device each time.

Protect your windows

Windows are gorgeous additions to your house but they also make your house susceptible to crime. Windows, especially side windows in a house can be smashed to pieces to gain access to keys or to deactivate alarms. This is why you have to make sure your windows are of reinforced glass which are not easy to break through or even obstruct out the windows from external access. If you want to protect the image of your house, you can consider including decorative grilles and bars which are also greatly helpful in terms of guarding the safety of your home.

Security safes to be used in the house

Locksmiths can really come in helpful in this matter as many nowadays have extended their services to include home safe installation and maintenance. A specialist locksmith can recommend you an appropriate safe according to your needs and preferences. This safe can be a double protection for your precious items and belongings in your house, on top of the general security provided.

Replace your keys often

While you are checking over the general security of your house: alarms, locks, doors and windows – keys are also an important part to review in this process. You definitely do not want the previous owners to still have an access to even a part of your house. Tenants too may make copies of your house keys, probably for their convenience, but this is dangerous after they move out.

With easy access available, it definitely would be tempting for certain people to consider breaking in and stealing as they can escape without leaving marks behind very easily. If you are worried, get a specialist locksmith to change your locks and get a new system installed. Maybe you could make sure that this new system involves a rule that your keys can only be copied with proof of ownership, if you are planning to allow new tenants to come in.

Always use a MLA licensed locksmith

We know we have been constantly advising you to get a professional, specialist locksmith, but do also ensure that they are MLA licensed. Take note of your locksmith’s number and save it in your mobile and also write it down in your phonebook. Using a MLA approved locksmith makes sure that the locks and security tools used are fitted right and in accordance to the current rules and standards.

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