Easter is just around the corner and people are busy in shopping to celebrate the occasion in full spirit. However, it is really important that you enjoy a safe and happy Easter. You can do this by simply following some of the safety guidelines mentioned below:

Lock up properly

It may seem quite obvious but many people overlook this area. Window locks and deadlocks operated with keys are quite hard to break. They are also known for preventing an easy exit and therefore make it quite difficult for the burglars to move heavy items from your home.

Never make things easy for the criminals by placing duplicate keys over the top of the door, under the door mat, under a fake stone, in the meter box or even in a nearby garden bed.

Lock your garage, shed and gates

Garages and sheds usually invite thieves into the house because they are barely used or locked. It is better if you try to avoid storing your valuable items in shed or garage. In case you have no other option, make sure you are using some high quality Montreal locks for security purpose.

Ensure clear visibility to spot any security lapses

Make a serious effort to keep your home neat and tidy. Landscaping around your house should not only be designed for aesthetic purpose but should meet your security needs as well. Remember to prune to your shrubs and trim your trees before the holiday season. This way you will get a clear view of your property and will be in a position to check if there are any security lapses.

Install a security alarm system

There are many features in security alarm systems that enhance the security of your house and make you feel secured and comfortable during the holiday season. However, in order to install a security system or an alarm, you must always consult a professional locksmith in this regard.

Never ‘advertise’ your absence

If you are planning to leave your house during holidays or are travelling overseas for an extended period, there is absolutely no need to announce it on Social media. The burglars do get attentive when such announcements are made.

Do not provide temptations

It is better if you keep the valuable items away from your windows so that they cannot be seen. Similarly, if you have bought a home theatre system or big screen television, never leave the packaging outside where others can see it easily.

Give an impression that you are at home

A letterbox full of junk mail catalogues or mails give a clear message to others that the house is vacant or unattended. A vacant house usually sparks interest among the burglars. The only way to avoid such a situation is to request your neighbors or a family member to check the mail during your absence. Similarly, you can ask them to put the bin outside for rubbish collection and turn on the lights at nights. They can also water your lawn occasionally and mow the grass as well. This will give others an impression that someone is at home. If bread, milk and paper are delivered at your doorstep, get those suspended before you leave the house.

Lock up your expensive items

If you have cash or jewelry at your home, make sure to put them in a safe. It is really important in a high quality safe for your home and gets it installed correctly. Usually, the thieves try to take the safe with them so that they can break into it with ease. Of course, if you have an advanced safe, it’s more likely than not that the thieves cannot crack the codes to your safe.

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