Keys are, without a doubt, among the most easy-to-lose things of all time. It is for this reason that locksmiths have to be on the ready for twenty four hours in a day. People keep losing their keys no matter what time of day. As a food for thought, have you ever wondered if there might be some common places at which people lose their keys? The answer is – there are!

•    In the purse – There is a joke about ladies’ purses being portals to other dimensions. This is just so many things can surprisingly fit inside a lady’s bag. And it is for this reason that one’s keys can easily get lost in it. One usually has to empty all of her bag’s contents before she finds the keys she is looking for.  Fortunately, there are a lot of quality-designed bags out there that have special pockets for small items such as keys and small coins.

•    In the changing room – At the shopping malls and clothing stores, the most common place for people to lose their keys would be the changing room. In the changing room, there is usually not enough hooks to hang one’s stuff on. That is why keys, cellular phones, wallets, and other important belongings end up getting placed on the floor. What is funny is that most people who leave their keys in the changing room consider it as the last place they would look into for their keys.

•    In public vehicles – A lot of people also leave their keys in public vehicles such as the bus, the taxi, and the train. Every person who rides any form of public transportation should really be mindful of his personal belongings. Because valuables that are left in these vehicles are rarely returned to their respective owners. You do not want to stand at your front door in the middle of a cold and freezing night because you left your keys in the taxi, do you?

•    Beneath the couch – Oftentimes, people get home from work exhausted, tired, and craving for some quality time in front of their television. They sprawl over their couch to watch their favourite show and end up spending hours and hours of TV-watching. So many people spend their time on their couch that this has become one of the most common places to lose one’s keys. Either the keys would fall on the floor and then kicked towards the space underneath the couch or it gets eaten up by the couch’s soft pads.

•    In the bathroom – There are also people who lose their keys in the bathroom. Oftentimes, they keys get left somewhere near the sink or even on the toilet tank. Worse, there are times when people accidentally dropped their keys into the toilet or even down the sink drain without them knowing. Thus, they leave the bathroom without knowing that a very important tool in their life has already left them for the sewers.

You should really be mindful of your keys especially whenever you are near these places. In order for you not to lose your keys easily, here are some tips for you to consider:

•    Make your keys visually stand-out – If you lost your keys and you want to find it easily, it is important for it to stand out visually. It must be something that would easily attract your attention so that you would be able to see it even if it gets mixed up with all of your accessories in your purse. Try attaching your keys to a very colourful keychain or tie some colourful ribbons to it.

•    Make use of recent innovations – Since losing one’s key is a very common problem, so many technological experts have thought of various solutions to it. Among these are apps that require you to attach special stickers to your keys so that you would easily find them with your smartphone.

•    Put your keys where you can easily find them – If you do not want to spend numerous hours looking for your lost keys at home, you have to have a\ proper place for it. You can install a hook near the doorway for your keys to hang on. Or, you can have a container for your keys on your kitchen counter.

•    Keep it attached to you – If you always lose your keys outside, you might want to make sure that you never part with it. You might want to attach your keys to your office ID lanyard or you might want to get a pocket chain for it.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your own house or even locked out of your car, all you need to do is to contact a good locksmith. For that, you can contact Express Locksmith.

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