Because you are looking for ways to protect your family, you must start with protecting your home. And it is true that there are many home security options out there, so gathering important home security tips can be overwhelming. But don’t fret; this article has gathered the top home security tips to help you start the home security improvement project. And many of these tips are inexpensive and easy to implement:


Change your locks

When you move into a new house, always make sure to change all the locks. The truth is you may not know who used to have access to the keys before you moved in. And it doesn’t matter whether you moved to a far distant home; thieves can still follow you there especially if they are interested in your valuables. And if you happen to lose the keys to your house, make sure that you replace the locks immediately for your home security. People with ill motives will have easy access to your home if you don’t act now.

Conceal all wiring

What burglars do is to look for wiring around the exterior of target house, so they can cut it to disable a home’s security system. So, it is always prudent to keep your security wires hidden. You want to do this during the installation of the security wires and other systems. And don’t tell friends or neighbors about it; it will only be to your disadvantage.

Install an alarm system

One of the best forms of home security is alarm systems. These systems will not only inform the emergency authorities, they will also warn you of any potential dangers. And you can also install CCTV and integrate it with alarm systems. This will act as scarecrows to intruders because once burglars spot it, they won’t even try breaking into your house. And on hearing an alarm going off, a burglar will retreat and run away.

You need to install deadbolt locks

Exterior doors should have a 1-inch thick dead bolt lock, at least. They may seem to be expensive, but dead bolt locks are moving places because they are stronger than other kinds of locks and provide more protection. You are advised to leave a minimal amount of space between the frame of the door and the door when installing the dead bolts. This will make it even harder for a break in. You can even reinforce your doors with a piece of metal or plywood. Experts will always advise you on any additions.

The appearance that your home is occupied

Usually, burglars will scour around neighborhoods looking for a home whose owner is away from their home for a longer period of time. If you are to be away for an extended period of time, it is advisable that you install automatic timers because these will turn lights on and off within a scheduled time period, thus giving the appearance that someone is in there.

Light up the entrance to your home

Use of light is a smart way to keep thieves away. You can install the infrared detector which turns on when someone reaches a specific zone or area. And because burglars wouldn’t want to be in easy view while doing what they do, they won’t even try getting deeper into the house.

Use metal bars on your sliding doors

Do you have sliding doors, sliding windows or patio doors? Make sure that they have a metal bar placed along their bottom track. This will prevent criminals from forcing the window or door open. Even as you want to give an addition to the aesthetics of your home, it is also proper to maintain it and give your home total security.

Interior hinges

Most doors do have hinges on the outside of the house. You should note that, intruders can easily remove your hinge pin to gain access into your house. For security purposes, it is prudent to remove your door and reset the hinges. You want the hinges to be on the inside of your house.

Protect your windows

Windows are an easy place for burglars to gain entry into homes. Because these areas are vulnerable, it is always wise to protect them with locks and a burglar resistant glass. And you can even install many panes of glass as opposed to one large pane of glass; this makes it even harder for intruders.

Don’t leave your keys in the mail box

Although everyone has heard about this home security tip, many homeowners still ignore it. There isn’t an easy way for a burglar to enter your home than finding your key under the doormat or in the mailbox. If you have to leave your keys in your home, make sure that you wrap them in a foil and place them in a secret place that only you and family members knows about.

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