People always lose their keys. You yourself might have had lost your keys and left it somewhere recently. Losing the keys is just something that a lot of people can relate to. But do you know the science behind it? Some experts have taken time to study this recurring phenomenon that a lot of people experience. Read on and find out some facts about it:

How often do people lose their keys?

According to a study in Britain that included three thousand respondents, an average person loses up to nine items a day. Guess what item is among the top of these items? The keys, of course! And a lot of these people who lose their keys spend about fifteen minutes every day searching for these easy-to-lose objects. What about you?  At what point do you give up on looking for your keys as you consider hiring a locksmith instead?

What age group loses their keys the most?

As a person grows older, so does his chances of suffering from memory loss increases. Conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia are very common among people aged forty and up. Folks not only forget to bring their keys with them but there are those who have no clue as to where they left their keys. But then again, people from all age groups tend to lose their keys. Losing one’s keys is something that affects all age groups.

Why do people lose their keys?

This would be a good question to ask. Why is losing the keys such a common occurrence? Scientists say that there are a lot of factors to consider. Among these are stress and fatigue. People who are too stressed out or too bugged down tend to have poorer memory. If you are worrying too much about your upcoming presentation at work, there is a big chance that you would leave your keys behind as you go to work.

When are most people forgetful with their keys?

The time of day can also have an effect on the possibility of someone losing his keys. Early in the morning the brain is not at its best condition yet; it is still transitioning from its sleepy state to an active state. It is for this reason that so many people leave their keys at home before going to work. There are also those whose brains are not functioning well yet that these have a hard time recalling where the keys are put.

How to remember where you put your keys?

In order to remember where to put your keys, you have to understand how the brain works. Whenever you place your keys somewhere, your hippocampus, a part of your brain, takes a snapshot of that place where you put your keys. That ‘picture’ is stored in your brain for retrieval later on. Neurologists suggest that you should be mindful of your state of mind whenever you place your keys somewhere. This is so that the retrieval process of the snapshot would be a lot easier.

Learn how to retrace your thoughts – this is also a very good tip that neurologists gave. Try to recall the things that you have been thinking of the moment you entered the house and placed your keys somewhere. Retrieving memory data packs from your brain would definitely help you remember where you placed your keys.

A good memory can surely help prevent you from losing your keys or misplacing them. There are a lot of ways that can try so that you would not be so forgetful about your keys. One, you should try not to stress your mind too much especially when leaving your home, your car, or your office. This is so that you would remember to bring your keys with you. Also, try to get a lot of sleep so that you would easily recall where you put your keys.

Think before you lock

Before locking your door – any door for that matter, you should always make sure that you have your keys with you. This applies to house doors and vehicle doors. It is better to take a few seconds and check if your keys are indeed with you than to spend numerous hours trying to pick the lock. And take note that it is not advisable for anybody without experience in lock-picking to start picking his lock. If you do that, you might end up damaging your lock.

Since losing your keys is something that can never be prevented, it is important for you to be ready once that time comes. Make sure you have a contact number of a good locksmith in your phone. If you want high quality locksmith services, you can rely on Express Locksmith. When it comes to keys and locks, we are a one-stop shop. Our services and products are of high quality and affordable.As you go on learning a bit more about cars it will be clear to you that having a replacement car battery around could be really helpful to you. This is especially the case in a situation where your car died on you and you were unable to get it started. With a car battery in your trunk it would turn out to be really easy for you to start your car again, and you would not have to worry about asking people to help you do it. Of course, you want to make sure that you end up with a really good car battery that will last for a very long time and will not break easily. This is why it is a good idea to spend some time trying to learn more about this subject before you make the choice to purchase any new batteries for your car or motorcycle.

Choosing the perfect battery

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Deciding on a price

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