It doesn’t matter where you live, your security and that of your property is always very important. When you are running a business, the security of your customers is paramount. This is because no one would come to your premises if they feel that they are not safe leave alone staying in your apartment complex. That is general security, but there is more when it comes to securing your apartment complex. Locks have been used to secure homes for thousands of years.

Although they are good in keeping intruders away and securing the houses, there are still challenges that come with them. You can talk about having to call emergency locksmith services every time you lose your keys or your deadbolt malfunctions. This is more frustrating and costly if you manage an apartment complex. Fortunately, you do not have to undergo such stress with the keyless security systems. This system has many benefits to apartment complex managers compared to other locks.

Better protection

As an apartment manager, you always keep duplicate set of keys just in case tenants loose them. Loosing keys is a common scenario in any apartment and it is always stressful to an apartment manager who has to run up and down for replacements. What happens to the lost keys? Do they fall in safe hands or someone with a bad motive? Whatever the case, if there are any apartment keys in the hands of a stranger, it is more than enough reason to worry. To avoid such situations, your apartment complex needs a keyless entry system because it uses no keys that could easily get lost and fall in the hands of strangers.

No need to change the locks

Normally, new tenants demand that their apartment locks be changed before they move in, just in case the former tenant shows up unexpectedly and disappear with their stuff. This hardly happens, but it is not comfortable for them to have such thoughts always when they are away from home. This means calling a locksmith to re-key and put a new lock. Imagine doing this over and over again every time a tenant moves in or out?

There is plenty of work to worry about when a tenant moves in leave alone changing the locks! At least there is a way to avoid constant key changing by using a keyless entry system. With this, tenant transition is simple as there are no keys involved and nothing to change.

It is easy to install and use

Many people associate superior technology with the complexity and fear that they might not be in a position to operate a new gadget. Sometimes, such gadgets are very easy to install and operate just like the keyless entry system. You neither need superior training to install it nor an expert to operate it. Moreover, the installation process takes little time as it does not require wiring the entire door. This is because the system is simple and uses a mechanism that does not depend on other systems to operate.

No hammers or screwdrivers needed

When it comes to locks, the first things you will think of are hammers and screwdrivers. This is because most locks require such tools for installation. This is different with a keyless entry system. So when a new tenant moves in, all you do is change the entry code of the unit which is like changing the password of your mobile phone. This is very simple as there are no knobs, deadbolts or locks to change.

Need to attract more tenants?

It is possible that your apartment complex needs more tenants or you just need to be ahead of your competitors. Try using keyless entry system because not many apartments have the system already in place. Tenants always get excited when their landlord offers them something extra to make their lives a bit easier. They will spread the word around and before you know it, other tenants will come to your apartment.

Saves your money

How much money do you spend on locksmith services in Montreal every year? If you are a tenant, it could be none but as an apartment manager, it is a lot. Think of having to replace locks every time a new tenant leaves or moves in. You could have replacement keys, but what about malfunctioned deadbolts or knobs and so on. Just like they say an apple a day keeps the doctors away, a keyless entry system keeps the locksmith away.

Apart from being economical, keyless entry system will save you from the hassles associated with locks and keys. It is not easy to run an apartment but you can make it easier by using a keyless entry system. Make your tenants to feel better and more protected. Remember that your tenants get stressed every time they lose their keys as this affects their daily activities just like it does yours!


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