Every time you choose to install a deadbolt lock in your home, you are increasing its level of security. Before you start fretting over which lock best suits you, it is advantageous to know a little more about each type of deadbolt lock. In this article, you will understand the basic nature of each locks as well as their pros and cons.

Keyless entry locks

If there is a lock that can be opened without the use of a traditional key, that would be the keyless entry deadbolt lock. Still, a key can also be considered if you wish to manually override the aforementioned lock whenever it is necessary. Keyless entry locks lock or unlock when their owners input a specific code on its numeric keypad. Some modern versions of the lock also provide owners with an added source of convenience by allowing them to operate it with a remote device.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of lock, you can think of it as your handheld device to lock or unlock your vehicle. Similarly, both types of locks rely on its in-built transmitter to send and receive a particular signal to execute a command. Today, devices pertaining to keyless entry locks either have a visual display or audio signal to inform you in advance whether your door is locked or not.

Pros and cons of keyless entry locks

One of the coolest benefits of a keyless entry lock is that it is almost impossible to create duplicates that work. Try to picture for a moment, the high possibility of conventional keys being copied and circulated outside. It could be a tenant who rented one of the rooms in your apartment and forgot to return it when he or she left, or someone who found out you hid your keys under your door mat. Keyless entry locks are thus introduced to residences that have higher crime rates and are definitely a great asset to homeowners.

When a device operates on any technology, there is always a circumstance of hardware failure or internal system error. Because it is also rendered useless if its power source is suddenly cut off. Hence, homeowners must be able to keep up to the occasional need of maintenance.

Single cylinder locks

The word ‘single’ in this lock’s name signifies that it is the most basic type of deadbolt lock from the get-go. This type of lock possesses an exterior cylinder, which its entry point requires a key to operate. When the key is turned, a metal latch extends from the interior parts of the cylinder to a designated hole in your door frame for extra security. Single cylinder locks are also known to be the common favourite among many homeowners.

Pros and cons of single cylinder locks

The main advantage of this lock lies with its ability to be easily rekeyed. With a quick removal of screws, locksmiths can access the lock cylinder at a much faster rate to complete the rekeying process. However, that also means that it is an easy target for trained burglars who are armed with lock pick tools. Hence, this type of lock is only recommended for residences or any location that enjoys a lower crime rate.

Double cylinder locks

Just like its single cylinder counterpart, it is also requires a physical key to operate. But there is a slight difference between both locks. For normal locks, you can lock or unlock from the inside without a key. But for double cylinder deadbolts, you need one. Most doors with glass windows tend to be equipped with this type of lock.

Pros and cons of double cylinder locks

Hate keeping a heavy set of keys in your pockets? Well, this type of lock allows you to create a single master key for all your double cylinder deadbolts in your home (provided the lock’s mechanisms are tweaked as well).

There is a kind of key that lock pickers use, which is the bump key, and it is definitely one of their favourite lock picking tools. This key must come from the lock’s manufacturer and it is specially cut to quickly open a lock.

Which lock best suits my home?

When selecting the right lock for your home, it all boils down to research. In short, if you only require a basic level of security, single cylinder locks can be quickly considered as it meets the needs of most homeowners. If you wish to increase your home’s level of security, then going for a higher quality deadbolt is a must.

Keyless entry deadbolts are mainly designed with convenience in mind. Its ability to lock or unlock with a remote device has becoming increasingly popular to date. However, homeowners must ensure that the exterior of this lock is sheltered from rain or excessive moisture as they operate with an electrical source. If you do not mind the increased costs and convenience at your fingertips is your thing, then this is the lock for you.

As you have seen in the movies, burglars tend to break the glass windows of a door and reach for the inner knob to open the door from inside. With a double cylinder lock, a key is required even for the inner knob. This acts as a deterrent and increases the difficulty for them to gain forced entry.

If your locks fail to work properly all of a sudden, do not panic, you can always call us at Express Locksmith to assist you in maintaining your home’s security.

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