Do you find yourself losing your house or car keys on a regular basis? If so, you might realize that this is one of the most expensive habits one can have. Having to lose your keys on a regular basis means having to spend a lot of money on getting the duplicates of the extra keys, or having the locks redone if you have to keep breaking them. If you are apprehensive about the rising costs, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of further loss. Some of the tried and tested methods include:

Have a routine when it comes to your keys

When handling any of your keys, you should try to have a regular routine. For instance, you can make it a habit to always check that you have the car and house keys before leaving your desk in the office when going home. With time, this will become an automatic habit, and the chances of losing the keys when walking to the car will be minimal.

Keep all your keys together


The notion of getting a key ring and then having all your keys on it can be a bit disconcerting, since it means that losing it will mean losing many keys at once. However, doing so can actually reduce the chances of loss. This is because when all your keys are in one key ring, they will form a bunch that will be much easier to find in most cases. Even if they fall, it will be easier for you to hear them compared to when you have a single key. If you have to walk around with a single key, consider buying a sizeable key holder for it.

Invest in a location device

There are some cheap, nifty key rings that also act as location devices, and you can buy one of these if you find yourself regularly losing your keys. These work using different technologies. The most advanced have GSM modules that you can access from your phone or computer. This means that when you lose the keys, you can simply go online and use a map to track them. The other alternative would be to buy one of the cheaper and more fun ones, which use simpler technology. For instance, there are some that will emit a sound when they are activated when you whistle or through an app, making it much easier to find them.

Consider generally improving your life and memory

If losing your keys is just one of the many manifestations of a failing memory, you should consider taking part in activities that will improve it. Some of these include working out more often, eating more healthy food and generally trying to reduce the amount of stress that you go through. You should also consider taking part in activities that have been shown to improve mental prowess. Some of these include solving puzzles regularly, as well as reading more often.

If the problem becomes significantly worse, you should consider getting a medical consultation. There are a number of medical conditions that can manifest as memory loss, most of which can be easily treated. This is particularly so if it turns out that the memory problem is jeopardizing other aspects of your life such as your job and relationships.

Switch to keyless locks

Another alternative would be to reduce your need to carry keys around. This can be done by changing the locks in your home to biometric ones. These are more secure since it’s more difficult to duplicate biometric keys such as your fingerprint pattern. It also reduces the need for you to carry your keys around.

Minimize the number of places you keep your keys

You can also try to train yourself to reduce the number of places you are most likely to leave your keys. For instance, you can make it a policy to only put your keys in your handbag. This way, the risk of loss will be reduced, and you will always know where to look for them if you don’t find them. Once again, this is a habit that will become second nature if you do it many times.

In summary, having to lose keys frequently can be a major problem, and is something that many people suffer from. The fact that there are many probable causes of this means that when you are looking for a solution, you should address more than one aspect. For instance, always keeping your keys in the same place and buying a key holder that can allow you to locate the keys automatically will reduce the chances of losing the keys more significantly than if you used only one of these options. Investing in some of the suggestions above is always worth it, since you will end up having more peace of mind.

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