If you need extra storage space for your belongings, renting a self-storage unit is a great investment. There is a good reason why many people are choosing to rent units. When you visit the facility to rent the unit, you need to think about all the details from packing to the best locking system. To make sure that your belongings are safe, you need to install a good lock to keep criminals from vandalizing or stealing your items. There are several types of locks and they can be categorized into padlocks and combination locks. There are several factors to consider when choosing locks for your self-storage unit.

What do you have in storage?

You need to think about the value of your belongings when choosing the locking system. Take an inventory of the items you are storing and determine how valuable they are to you. While the items are often valuable, many people rent a storage unit for items that they do not really want but do not know what to do with. To keep your valuable belongings safe, you need to invest in a good lock for your storage unit. There are different locks available to suit any storage requirements.

Where will you install the lock?

Determine where the lock will go when making the choice. Will the lock go inside or outside the unit door and is the unit in an outdoor or indoor storage facility. The outdoor units are often exposed to different weather elements and this can affect the lock function. Harsh weather can cause damage to the lock by causing it to contract and expand or through corrosion. The temperature fluctuations tend to affect the quality of the locks depending on the material they are made from.

Where will you attach the lock?

You need to consider the surface where the lock will be attached. Attaching a good quality lock on a poor quality door will not offer much protection. Before attaching the lock, inspect the unit door and make sure that the clasp is strong and secure enough to hold the lock. Make sure that the lock cannot be weakened by any defects. This can cause the lock to slip off or making it easy to remove. If the door shows signs of defects, report this to the facility manager or choose a new facility.

Overall security at the facility

You need to consider the security available at the storage facility when choosing locks. There are storage facilities that offer enhanced security including camera systems. It is a good idea to rent a unit in a secure facility where you will have peace of mind that your belongings are safe. Avoid renting a unit in a facility that is located in an area that is crime ridden. A facility in a crowded area can increase the chances of criminal activities. Make sure that you choose locks that will be reliable in any location.

Consider the features available

Think about the features that you get when you choose padlocks and combination locks. Understanding the features will help you to choose the lock that is suitable for your needs. A combination lock is effective because it has a series of digits that must be lined up in the right sequence before the lock can open or close. You can find single or multiple dial locks depending on your needs. The multiple dial locks can be opened using different digit combinations making them less secure than the single dial ones.

Choosing the best padlocks

If you decide to use a padlock, you need to find the best model for your needs. You need a key to open and lock the padlock but the operation mechanism is much like that of the combination lock. When choosing padlocks, think about the quality of the product and remember that cheap padlocks are often made from poor quality materials. The soft metal shell is easy to cut through or pry open using metal cutters. High quality padlocks are made from strong metals that are tough and durable. Look for low maintenance locks and inspect the inner mechanism regularly to ensure that it is working effectively.

The best lock materials

Think about the construction when choosing locks for your storage unit. Some of the simple and cheap locks are made from low-grade soft metal alloys. These locks are not suitable for self-storage units because they are easy to break. They may be adequate for lockers and toolboxes but they will not offer much in the way of security. The general-purpose locks are made from stronger materials such as brass or stainless steel and they have a hard shell casing. Maximum-security padlocks are the best option when you are looking for secure storage. They are also made from brass or stainless steel.

Well, do think about the cost of the locks but remember that to get quality, you have to be prepared to pay more. If you need a secure lock, do talk to us and we can advise you further.

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