Being a locksmith is a very interesting, mysterious job full of new adventures. Without them, during the toughest times of being locked out or having a break in, it will be impossible to overcome. Locksmiths have their trade secrets that keep them going quick and smooth. Top locksmith secrets have now been shared with us and here are the top 13 we want to present to you.

A dead bolt is best lock when fixed correctly

A dead bolt sounds like a simple tool but it can be the best lock you may ever have. It is a strong way to secure your doors although it sounds easy. It should have at least an inch of throw and on the side of striking it, a security plate should be screwed with at least three inch long screws that goes through all the way of the door’s wooden frame. This simple lock method is employed by many locksmiths as temporary and even permanent locks and it is an almost fail proof method for securing doors, especially wooden doors.

If the key would not turn, try this: Use Silicone spray or WD-40 (penetrating oil and water-displacing spray)! Many times the cause of the lockout is because the pins inside get jammed or stuck. These sprays would lubricate their surfaces and solves the problem many times! It’s been proven that roughly about 25 to 40% of the time these sprays work wonders to open doors!

Having a window on or near your door needs special attention

We did say dead bolts are excellent, but not when the burglar can punch his arm through the window or glass to get your lock undone. Such times need more intelligent thinking and our locksmiths have a solution for that too! Such doors can use a double cylinder lock that needs a key to open from inside and outside. Although this might be an everyday hassle, it is excellent to ward off thieves who try to sneak in by opening the doors from inside. Not only will it catch them by surprise, but the extra time they spend there meddling with your door could save some good images on the nearby CCTV for your reference to supply to the police.

Good locksmiths never use products that are accessible to the general public

Locks found in the supermarkets and big stores are never really that good. These are mass produced and even though they might be from reputable manufacturers, they are of very low standards usually. At least a grade 2 lock would be a good buy but anything below that is as good as not locking your door. Anyone who wants to break in can do very easily as usually such thieves are well-versed with the locks found in the common markets. Locksmiths have their own trusted brands to use in their services and their years of experience usually would pay off well as they immediately know what locks to use for different type houses, doors and locations.

Keys which are stamped with “Do Not Duplicate”

And these are the keys that are duplicated most of the time. Any locksmith’s shop would be full of such keys and honestly there is no restriction that this cannot be done. Many people duplicate keys that they should not be doing and it is a general view that if something is locked with a mere key access, it is not safety protected enough by the owner to deem it as important. In other words, anything that is important enough to deem attention and safety would be secured with something more than a lock and a key. Perhaps in a safe maybe.

Have a housekeeper you need to give a key to?

This is a very smart method to help you safeguard your house and valuables from 3rd parties who frequent into your house. If you talk to your locksmith about this, they would probably suggest an idea similar to this: Get a lock knob fixed along with a dead bolt. Your master key should be able to open both the locks together but your housekeeper’s key should only be able to open the knob. On the days you are expecting them to visit your place, only lock the knob. This way you have control over your lock.

Car dealer who says he can duplicate keys? Think again!

Locksmiths are still a better fit for this job as car dealers whose speciality is not working with keys, will definitely need to go out of their way to do this for you. And often, this would have a label with a higher price. Locksmiths nowadays also extend their services to automotive locks and keys and they would definitely be a better option to consult when you need your car keys to be duplicated.

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