If you visit a hardware store for buying Montreal locks for your home, you will surely be surprised to see plethora of designs and styles in them making your decision making process a big challenge.
It is very important that you know which type of lock would be suitable for your needs or else you will be compromising your home security.
Here are some tips for you to make your purchase easier than ever:

Price matters

Price carries immense importance when it comes to locks as it reflects the level of security the lock would offer.
However, this is not true for all types of locks. Smart locks are always expensive but they are considered as effective as standard locks that are operated manually.
It is very important to understand that you know what cost has been transferred to you. You would surely want to pay for the strong material, solid construction and security pins as it would affect the level of protection.

Knowing the brand

Just because you know a brand does not signify that it sells high end locks. There are some trusted names in the market that sell very ordinary locks and charge high price.
Hence it is not a good idea to be brand conscious when it comes to purchasing locks.
Look for a solution that meets your needs and has better hardware construction.

Deadbolts and doorknobs

These are the locks that are installed on the front of your house. For front doors, you must only opt for the door knobs that are keyed along with a deadbolt.
Deadbolts can be single sided or even double sided.
Many people prefer to have single sided deadbolt installed with a thumb turn.
However, if you have windows or glass on the door, it is always better that you opt for the double sided one.
The only drawback for this option is that it would not offer an easy escape in case of an emergency.


When purchasing padlocks, there are several important points to consider that are discussed below:

• Knowing the purpose of purchasing a padlock is very important as it will help you in choosing the right one.
Simply measure the distance you have reached for securing the lock. The closed shackle should be tight around the securing point the lock is placed on.

• The support system of the padlock should be equally sturdy or else it will not be effective anymore.

• Make sure you opt for a padlock that has ball bearings.
The packaging clearly mentions whether the product has ball bearing or not. Ball bearings are important as they offer protection against shimming.

• You can opt for a fairly prices padlock as well.
However, the term ‘fair’ is dependent upon the type of item you wish to secure.
For instance, you do not have to invest in a high end padlock for your child’s bike but must look for the best option when it comes to securing your Harley Davidson.
The higher the price of padlock, the more efficient it would be.

Mistakes to avoid

There is absolutely no need to opt for the cheapest available lock on the grounds of it being a low-priced lock.
This mindset shows that you are not opting for the best option for your home. Saving money is not bad but this should not be your prime goal.
Also, locks are not to be replaced over and over again.
Hence, consider as many factors as you can before your purchase one for your home. If you are buying a specific lock because you saw its ad then there is a high chance you have biased information of the product. If the seller is unable to answer your queries, then you should head to another shop.
All in all, knowing useful information beforehand will help you in making the right decision.

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