Panic bars or push bars are essential on exit doors in areas where large numbers of people may need to escape in the event of fire or any other type of emergency.

They can be activated with only a minimal amount of pressure on the bar making escape easy and rapid for those who would otherwise be trapped inside. Panic bars and push bars can prevent the kind of tragedy that is sometimes featured in nightmare newspaper stories where panicking crowds of people are crushed in blocked doorways as they try to escape explosions, fires, etc.

Panic bars and push bars are crucial on emergency exit stairs, fire exits, bar and night club doorways, large meeting halls, at the final fire exit doors and on any double door. They are generally connected to sirens or alarm systems and CCTV security monitoring systems (where appropriate) so that warning sounds and lights indicate when an exit has been breached.

These systems usually have to be reset manually after a breach to ensure that the exit has been re-secured effectively.

Express Locksmith has extensive experience inspecting, maintaining and fitting panic and push bars on emergency exits in buildings throughout Montreal. We can advise on legal requirements and issue the necessary certificates of maintenance to ensure that you are always in compliance with statutory fire and other legal requirements and safety codes.

For more information about panic bars, push bars, other automatic and manual door closures, door locking or security systems in general, please call Express Locksmiths of Montreal. Our expert locksmiths will be pleased to offer a free quotation and assist in design, inspection and maintenance of all types of door locks, fire exit locks and alarms, emergency exit alarms, master key systems, card access systems, commercial and residential security issues, and to help with lock outs (including car lock outs), and more.

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