A gun protects your home and your loved ones, but what would protect your gun? That would be a safe place to keep your gun of course. Having a gun around is useful and is added protection, but keeping them lying around can be more unsafe to your loved ones than you think. This is especially true if you are in a house with children or pets. You should keep your gun safe, far from the sight of others, so that you give them true protection from the gun. This is when gun safes come in very handy and useful.

Having a gun safe would keep you relieved that there is a safe place where you can lock your gun up away from the rest of your family and children. It is also in that way kept away from potential burglars who might break into your house. There are many options in the market available today for your pick and in this article we are going to take you through the most popular gun safes that have caught our eye.

Combination Lock


This is one of the most traditional gun safes in the market which are also very protected and useful. This has a basic concept of having a numerical combination lock where you need to turn the numbers right for the lock to open up. Combination locks generally take slightly more time to open up and operate but they last a lot longer than other types of locks and safes. Combination locks are old style safe boxes which are made up of strong and tensile metal which will not break and which will not open up that easily. So you are well protected from thieves or burglars who try to break into your safe for a gun.

Fingerprint safe

This is a more modern and advanced idea of biometric lock. It is enhanced with utmost protection so you should use this type of gun safes when you want total security for your gun. No one but you can access through this safe if it is used and operated in the right way. It is very safe to use because this type of safe does not need a combination or a key which can easily be stolen off you for anyone else’s use. It uses your fingerprint which is unique and cannot be taken from you that easily for manipulation. No one can reach to your gun unless they have your finger or they have their fingerprint registered onto the safe as well with your authorization.

Dual Lock

Dual lock safes work through double security method where there are two locks for you to get through to open them. Both of these locks need to be opened else the gun safe remains locked. These two locks can be either both combination locks, both key operated, or a mix match of both. You can even include a biometric lock in one of these if you want even more added protection. Just like the movies! Dual locks work best if you the time to manually open through two locks to get to your gun as it does take double the time required to access through double security.

Electric lock

These are much more user friendly and easier to use compared to dial locks which have to be manually turned. Electronic locks are easy to operate and also open much more quickly compared to manual and traditional dial locks. They have a safe keeping system built into them as locks and they only tolerate a fixed number of wrong attempts. Just like how a wrong password would lock your account on computer or your smart phone, these locks work the same way and if you key in the wrong code more than a fixed number of times, the safe would lock itself and then you would need to access it through the manufacturer after proving that it is indeed your gun safe. As protected as it is, electronic locks tend to have more mechanical problems and technical issues compared to manual dial locks.

Keeping your gun safe protected

It is a great idea to keep your gun in a gun safe, but to keep your gun safe out of reach for any suspicion to arise, it is important to safe guard the room where your gun safe is placed as well.

At Express Locksmith, we provide you with high security locks in Montreal. These locks keep your unwanted visitors and people away from the room where your gun safe is going to be placed in. Our locks come in various brands, types and prices for you to have your own suitable pick for your needs. Call us now to learn more about our different types of locks for your room and also on their quotation and other details.

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