In this day and age where there are many reported cases of theft, we all agree that good locks should be a priority to protect us against burglar attacks. Residential and commercial facilities should be installed with the best locks in the market and especially if there are cases of crime in the neighbourhood.

Why don’t you have quality locks in your home and yet you know their importance? Probably it’s because of the myths associated with locks and home security in general which are preventing you from doing so. Let’s take a look at the most common myths:

Any lock can be broken

Do you have this notion that all locks can be broken by thieves? Do you think that there is no need of replacing the current locks because thieves will still break them? You are not the only one who believes so. Many people have this negative perception of locks.

In as much as we all agree to the fact that thieves have advanced their skills in picking and breaking locks, it is not true that all locks can be picked and broken. There are high security locks that cannot be damaged. They are secure and they come in different makes and designs. If you want to secure your company then these locks are a must have.

Remember that there are professional locksmiths who will assist you in choosing the right security locks for you. So don’t worry about which one you will select. All you need is to get an expert.

Nobody can break into my compound

Do you always have this believe that nobody can break into your compound or house? Probably yes. Everybody believes that they live in a secure neighbourhood. You perhaps look at the location of your house and then think that there are no gangs in the area. Does the regular of patrol of police, make you feel safe you imagine that quality locks are not necessary?

Well, you need to get rid of these thoughts and imaginations completely out of your mind. This is simply a myth. It can be compared to constantly engage in unhealthy eating and believe that there will be no negative health effects associated with that.

You should know that the thieves also do their patron when you are not around and if your house doesn’t have proper modern locks, then it is at a high risk of being broken into.

My neighbour is my keeper

Do you still hold this traditional thinking that good neighbours watch over each other’s property? Do you believe that you neighbour will watch over your home when you travel? Have you watched many movies that show neighbours catch thieves? That is just a movie and doesn’t reflect what happens in reality.

Even though you have the best neighbours in the world, they cannot offer security to your home. They have their own property to watch over too, and you know what happens when there is a conflict of interests. They are even too busy to do that.

Don’t rely on your neighbours for security of your family and your house. Invest in durable locks. With these locks you will have peaceful vacations without calling your relatives and neighbours everyday to see whether your house has been broke into.

Thieves come at night

This is perhaps the most common myth when it comes to home security. We tend to believe that thieves break into homes at night. This could have been contributed by the reports which have shown crime rate increases at night. Many people believe that thieves cannot break into a building during the day.

This myth is not true. Thieves can break into a compound any time. They even prefer to breaking into peoples’ homes during the day when they are least expected. You might even have heard cases of thieves breaking into companies over lunch hours.

So just because you are always in the house at night doesn’t mean that you get won’t these unexpected visitors. They can come immediately after you take your children to school. Don’t wait for this to happen, change your current locks and have standard ones.

All locks are the same

Do you believe that all locks provide the same level of security? Do you always want to get the cheapest locks in the market? Did you buy your locks simply because your girlfriend has the same locks?

You should know that locks are not the same. There are different grades, which offer different levels of security. For example, locks in the prison are not the same as those in residential homes. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will need to get the right locks for your home.

Now that you have known the myths that have been hindering you from installing top quality locks in your home, you probably might want to change this and have the locks installed. Contact us. We have professional locksmiths who will assess your building and advise you on the rights locks for you. Don’t worry about the cost. Our rates are affordable!

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