Have you forgotten to take your keys with you or your keys are nowhere to be found? You would wish that you keys have the ability to call out to you to solve this everyday mess. You can avert this common problem if you own a smartphone. All you need is an accompanying gadget to remind you where your keys are and even find them when they go missing.

These gadgets are called object-finders and they are very hot in the market. These compact and convenient objects can be easily attached through your key ring or anything else that you might lose often. By tapping into Bluetooth 4.0 standard technology, the gadget takes advantage of wireless communication to connect to your smartphone to emit a beeping sound, guiding you to where your lost keys are. In this article, you will discover the latest gadgets you may use in 2015 to locate your lost keys.

Kensington Proximo

Kensington is a company that is known for its security solutions. Kensington is also the creator of Proximo. The device comes with a main fob and has the option to pair several tags. Proximo owners uses the fob to attach the device to their keys or anything else that is prone to get lost. Once the device is attached, your iPhone can tracks its distance and sets off an alarm when it travels out of perimeter. If you are using several tags, you can find one by hitting the button of the one you are holding and the other tag will emit beeps. If you have additional Bluetooth tags, you can track up to four or more items at once.

hippih hipKey

hipKey by hippih is a keychain that is pair-able with your iPhone and lets you know whenever your iPhone and keys are out of range. The device is five centimetres in diameter and you can set the triggered range, which includes short, medium or long – from two metres up to fifty metres. Safe zones can also be designated, which is your home or office, and normal alarms will be ignored. With a simple tap on your smartphone app, you can locate your hipKey and also be notified if it is moved while in Motion Mode is active. hipKey also has a button that lets you locate your phone as well.

ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus

Unlike the two devices discussed earlier, the ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus comes with an added microphone. With this microphone, you can turn the wireless device into a hands-free operation mode. There is even a one-touch button that allows owners to dial emergency contacts in the event of an emergency. This device also has an iPhone app and there is an identical version that is slated for Android users.

Cobra Tag

Cobra Tag seems like a worthy choice for a cross-platform solution. Currently, it works on older Bluetooth devices, supporting BlackBerry (OS 4.5+), Android (2.1+) and iOS (5+) devices. It has a range of up to thirty feet and it sets off its alarm when your keys and smartphone is too far apart. When the alarm goes off, you can manually locate your device by pressing the button on the other. Its battery is rechargeable and can last for a week. Although other Bluetooth devices can be used alongside the Cobra Tag, it can only connect to one smartphone at a time.

Button TrackR

This device proves to be a promising concept and it works well with Android devices too. The device is the size of a coin and it can be attached to objects with a double-sided tape or its default strap. Once it is paired with your smartphone, it will alert you when you are leaving your keys behind and it is traceable – a customized tone can be created for the sound-emitting purposes. In turn, a press of a button on TrackR causes your phone to ring, even if it is set to silent. TrackR also stores its last GPS location when you travel out of range and it can communicate with other TrackR devices to notify you of its location.


About one-third the size of a credit card, Tile promises to be one of the coolest accessories you can purchase. Each Tile packages ships with a double-sided tape and a hole allows you to loop your keychain. Once it is paired with a iOS smart device, it can emit a sound to track down a particular item, such as your lost keys. There is also a meter that indicates how close or far you currently. It even marks your item as lost and when another Tile user is close by, you will receive an alert that comes with GPS coordinates.

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