When thinking of getting new locks for your doors at home or at your workplace, one of the things you will need to keep in mind is the types of technologies you will use for the keys or other forms of authentication. The good thing about lock technology is that it has advanced so far that today, there are many options you can indulge in if you are interested in getting quality locks and keys for your doors. Some of the ones you can order include:

Magnetic keys

The use of magnetism to make keys is not a particularly modern way of making such locks, but it’s still a good way of ensuring that you are more secure. In essence, a magnetic key has one or more magnets within it. These are arranged in a certain orientation which translates to a code that the lock can read. One of the advantages of a magnetic key is that it can be very difficult to duplicate, since it needs special equipment to do so. It’s also not very easy to identify a magnetic key. Even if one makes a copy that looks like your key, they will not be able to use it to open the doors.

Security tokens

One new way of opening locks is through the use of a security token. This involves having a set of data on a device such as a card, a PDA or more recently your phone. Swiping this against the lock will allow the lock to identify the data, and then open the lock. This is a very secure way of locking a door, and is becoming more common these days.

Using locks with passwords and passphrases

The other method of authentication that has become very popular currently is the use of locks that require one to enter passwords and pass phrases. These are codes that are known to only a few individuals, and which are easily changeable. This confers a high degree of security in the home or business premises. The only downside to using this type of technology is that if you have the tendency to forget, you might find it difficult to access the home or office regularly. A good example of this is when someone suffers from a condition such as Alzheimer’s, where they are likely to have frequent memory lapses.

Biometric technology

A more recent advance in lock technology has been the introduction of biometric scanning which can then be used to open and close locks. This normally depends on the use of finger prints, hand prints and iris patterns to open the lock. The major advantage of such a system is that it’s virtually impossible to break, since it uses codes that are unique to an individual. In addition to that, since you only need to use parts of your body for identification, there is no room for loss of a physical key or forgetting a password. This makes it ideal for when you need extra security with minimal risk of accidentally locking yourself out.

Radiofrequency identification

This is the use of a device that sends out radiofrequency signals to the lock, which is a signal for it to open. This type of lock is currently used in cars, which allow the doors to open without you having to take out a key. The distances at which the signals are read vary from device to device, and it’s always a good idea to find out which distance you are comfortable with to get the best systems. For instance, if you are using the keys to secure a jewelry store, it makes sense to ensure that the distance at which the lock is activated is kept at a minimum for the sake of safety.

Traditional keys with unique patterns

One can also get locks that use traditional keys, but whose keys have unconventional patterns that make them safer. Examples of these include:

Four sided keys: these are keys that have four sides, and look like two sets of keys that have been joined in the middle. These types of keys are very difficult to duplicate, and the locks that use them are also hard to crack as well.

Transponder keys: these are mostly used in cars. They are regular keys which have a chip that transmits security signals when used, which adds an extra layer of security to the keys.

Internal cut keys: these are designed with a groove on the surface of the key which acts as the system that moves the tumblers in the locks. The fact that they need precision equipment to design makes them very hard to duplicate.

In summary, if you are thinking of getting locks for a home or a business premises, you should always try to ensure that the amount of security they offer is high. The above are some of the modern options you can use to facilitate this.

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