Over the past few decades, more and more people have been placing their security needs in the hands of hi-tech innovations like CCTV cameras and satellite connections that enable them to check on their homes from any location through their phones and computers. At first, this was a very incredible innovation that implied maximum security for homes as well as fast response from security companies in the event of a breach. With 24 hour surveillance and alarm systems as well as pass codes and fingerprint systems, people felt really secure with these expensive and highly sophisticated security components in their homes. The reality is however as grim as it could get.

Hackers are now even worse than burglars

Initially, the main threat to home security was the thieves and burglars who would be planning to take away valuables. Other intruders like assassins were also highly feared. With technology, however, hackers have also joined the group of the major threats to home security. Other than just having to worry about your valuables, you also have to worry about your privacy.

People install CCTV cameras all over their homes in order to ensure that they can keep an eye on their valuables. With the hackers around, however, these cameras turn out to be a major inconvenience as they give strangers away in the home. So far, there have been cases where the hackers were even able to communicate with the people inside the house and scare them or even wake them up, just for fun. Others even record the activities in the house and use them to blackmail the occupants of that house.

There is some hope

Technology keeps advancing, meaning that people will continue to uncover new ways of securing your home from the hackers and burglars. But before they do, you need to know how to keep your home safe. The main and possibly best option for you would be to use a custom combination of technology based and manual solutions that should keep your home secure at all times. While alarm systems can be hacked and disabled externally, they provide deterrence for most criminals.

When the alarm systems are working correctly, they ensure that even when you are not keeping an eye on your property, your neighbors and your security company will be alerted in the event of a breach. To avoid having your surveillance system hacked, you may also want to keep the feeds out of the web. Rather than having it transmitted to your phone, you could just connect it to a security company that is set up near your house.

The manual bit

In order to be really safe, you need to employ some conventional means to secure your home as well. First, you can opt for the good old dogs as a way of keeping intruders away. While they may be costly, guard dogs cannot be hacked and unless they are killed by the criminals, they are sure to defend your territory viciously. And instead of relying on passwords and fingerprints to open your doors, you can try a good lock combination that will surely be impossible to hack into. The thing about present day criminals is that they are complacent. They would be more comfortable hacking into a home than picking through a complex combination of locks

Before you invest your entire security budget on hi-tech equipment and protocols, you may want to consider that the only true security is a custom combination of manual locks that would require actual physical work and presence to break into. This is why you need to have a conversation with a locksmith in Montreal before finding out from them how they can help you to ensure that your property is well secured.

The Burglar

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