There are a myriad of reasons why a burglar chooses to break into someone’s home. Oftentimes, it includes opportunistic reasons whereby the burglar takes advantage of an opportunity that arises such as a window or door that was left open and the homeowner left the house, leaving it completely unoccupied. There are others that will scope out the entirety of the property before committing the crime.

Hence, it is of great pertinence that every homeowner evaluates the security of their home to ensure their abode is not a viable target for burglars whether it is pre-planned or opportunistic. If you wish to find out if your home is vulnerable or a likely target, here are some questions you can ask yourself to evaluate the security of your home.

Is there any equipment such as ladders lying around?

This is some of the equipment that can be used by burglars to gain easy entry into your home. You should always make sure that any equipment like ladders are stored in a shed or garage that is locked and secure.

Is it very obvious that your house is unoccupied when you are away on holiday?

When you have plans to go on a holiday or be away from your home for extended periods of time, you should do the following:

• You should consider using your local mail’s keep safe services to hold any incoming parcels or letters while you are away to avoid any of the items piling up while your house is unoccupied.

• Cancel certain home delivery services such as milk or newspaper.

• Inform a trusted neighbour, family member or friend regarding your plans to be away and request their help to keep a watchful eye on your home while you are away. You can even ask them to open or close your curtains to make it look as though the house is still occupied.

Is it noisy when you access your home?

You can consider the idea of placing gravel on your driveway as no one can walk on gravel without making a noise. It will be a natural deterrent for burglars as it is more difficult for them to access your property without making a noise. Knowing the fact that they might alert your neighbours, they will be more discouraged to make a victim of their burglary.

How is your home’s visibility from the road?

Although hedges and high walls provide homeowners with some level of privacy, it could become counterproductive when the burglar uses it as protection from being spotted while they perform their misdeeds. Hence, it is essential that your house is visible from the road.

Are there any light and sensors installed and fitted to your home’s exterior?

When you fit lights that come with sensors on your home’s exterior, you will be able maintain a well lit house if an intruder decides to approach your home. These lights will tend to deter them from breaking into your home as they are mostly confident when they can work in the dark. Furthermore, your neighbours can easily notice or be alerted when they spot any peculiar activities happening around your home when you are away.

Are your windows closed and locked during the night?

When you close them for the night, you must make sure that they are all securely shut and locked. If small windows, which are mostly located at the top, are left open to let in cold air overnight, a burglar may be able to reach through and open a bigger window from inside. Hence, ensure all doors and windows are properly shut before the house is left unoccupied.

Choose the right locks for your doors and entryways

Most burglaries involve the criminal entering the victim’s property though unlocked doors. Even the toughest locks become useless if you do not use them. Even if you plan to be away for just a few minutes, you should lock all exterior doors. If you are not sure what locks to buy and fit, here is a useful recommendation.

First, you can consider installing dead bolt locks as an add-on to the existing locks that are built into the doorknobs of your exterior doors. These deadbolts should be of the highest quality, made of solid metal and have no screws that are exposed on the exterior. Additionally, ensure that they are either grade one or two, and replace other deadbolts that are of inferior quality.

Installing cylinder guards around the part of the lock where you insert your key is also a good move. In many cases, burglars are able to damage or remove lock cylinders by prying or hammering. Hence, it is important that you protect these delicate parts with metal protective rings that can withstand such impact forces. Many modern locks already come with such features but if they don’t, you can always purchase aftermarket parts.

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