The safety and security of your home is very important and you need to think about all the important factors when installing doors and other access features. When you install door locks, you need to learn how to identify the different parts as this helps to ensure effectiveness. Inefficient locks are easy to compromise and they can allow intruders to access the home. You need to inspect your door locks on a regular basis so that you can be sure that the parts are working, as they should. Knowing the lock parts is important and this information comes in handy when you need to replace the lock parts.

When you understand the different door lock parts, there are repairs that you can carry out yourself if necessary. It will also help you to know the parts that you may need to replace. If your lock is not functioning, as it should, you need to do what it takes to ensure that it is working at optimum level. You can also learn how to change the lock or add a new one if you need extra security. Following are some of the main lock parts that you need to know.

The Door Latch

This connects the doorframe and the strike plate. The latch often goes through a lot of movement during the opening and closing process. This means that the latch can experience wear over time making it ineffective. Old latches often stick or break off and when this happens the part needs to be replaced. Replacing your flexible latch with a positive locking latch or a deadbolt will help to enhance security.

Most standard latches are flimsy and easy to force open and this compromises security. To enhance security, consider installing a deadbolt to replace the simple latch when you move into a new home. Having a deadbolt alongside the standard lock can provide additional security. Replacing your original latches with newer models will give you peace of mind because you know you will be enhancing the security. Find out about the best models in the market so that you can get the best replacement.

The Strike Plate

The part of the lock that is attached to the doorframe is the strike plate. To secure the lock, the latch is inserted through the strike plate and this effectively closes the door. The strike plates come in different shapes and sizes depending on the model and they are suitable for use on different doors. The opening on the plates can be round, square or flat and round, depending on the type. For the system to work, the shape of the latch will determine the design of the strike plate.

While the exterior design or shape of the strike plate may not be as important as the function, the decorative element can help to enhance your home décor. There are different features available from the different locks but the interior shape is more important when it comes to function. The strike plate is the part of the lock that is easiest to change. Many of the plates are mounted onto the doorframe using two screws. Just like latches, strike plates are usually not sold separately in most stores.

The Lock Cylinders

The lock cylinder can be described as the main part of the lock where you fit the key; the operational part of the lock. It determines whether the door can be locked or unlocked. The cylinder has the key “code” which prevents the lock from being opened by just any key. If a key is broken or stuck in the cylinder, the entire cylinder will need to be changed. If you have lost your key and you decide to change the lock, you can choose to re-key the cylinder instead of replacing it.

It is very important to ensure that the locking system functions properly to ensure that the door lock is effective. Inspect the cylinder to find out if it is damaged so that you know whether to replace the entire cylinder. If you need to install a new cylinder, it is a good idea to get a professional locksmith to do the job. This will help to ensure that your door continues to function effectively. You can visit specialty lock stores if you need to replace the cylinder.

Getting professional locksmith services is very important especially if security is an issue in your area. it is important to ensure that you have a good lock for your doors. Good locks will help to keep burglars away. Remember that most burglars are opportunists and they look for easy access. This means that they do not want to go into the trouble of trying to break into security locks. The locks on your door can help to keep your family and property secure.

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