An experienced lock pick can defeat almost any kind of a lock. Nevertheless, there are a number of things that a homeowner can opt for to make it harder for an intruder. It should be noted that the key element for a successful lock pick is time. Any situation or a lock that requires a lot of time to pick is avoided by all lock picks.

How do you make gaining entry into your premises harder for a professional lock pick?

1. Use of deadbolts


The use of deadbolts is one of the perfect ways to prevent burglars from picking your lock. They are loved by a lot of homeowners but hated by lock picks. Although all doors have one type of a lock or another, they don’t provide much protection. Expert burglars have an easy time picking the majority of these locks. Doors that have heavy duty deadbolt locks on the other hand are quite hard to break in. They make things much more difficult for expert lock picks and thus are avoided in most cases.

2. Opt for double-cylinder deadbolts

These are types of locks that require a key to function when entering or exiting a house. Homes with windows close to the sidelights or doors as part of the door are very attractive for intruders. An intruder simply breaks a window or sidelight and reaches inside to open up the door. Fortunately this can be prevented by a perfectly installed double cylinder lock.

3. Use of keyless locks

By removing the key from the equation, a burglar is forced to use a bump key, something that significantly reduces the chances of the lock being picked.

4. What about opting for digital locks?

Digital locks are a good way to frustrate a lock pick expert. There are a number of different digital lock types, brands and models in the market that a homeowner can choose. These include:

• Pushbutton locks:
These locksets normally have deadbolt protection but rather than having a standard key, they have a numbered push button on the lock handle. To operate these locking systems, the user must enter a six-figure code. The homeowner is advised to select a code combination that has nothing to with his age or address, as these are fairly easy to guess.

• Fingerprint locks:
These are a type of biometric systems and have been in use by business premise owners for a number of years now. They offer great flexibility when it comes to accepting fingerprints from many users, for example from the employees, business partners and other authorized people. These fingerprints are easy to add or remove as deemed appropriate by the business owners and other authorized personnel. Put in the fingerprints of a relative visiting for an extended period or a contractor working on a project. Once the visit is over or the work done, simply remove the fingerprint from the memory and the system is good as new.

• Remote signal locks: These are keyless entry systems with fobs that function like vehicle’s keyless locks. The fob transmits a signal to a receiver on the lock, opening or closing the door when activated. The system works great for mobility impaired individuals or users that can press the button of the fob but have difficult using a combination keypad.

Are there any other ways to frustrate an expert lock pick?

Apart from the above listed ways of making it more difficult to pick locks, here are other appropriate ways to prevent intruders from gaining entry into your home.

• Join a neighborhood watch

Ensure that there are decals and signs up around your neighborhood to this effect. A good and active neighborhood watch benefits all people who reside in a given location. It takes advantage of the fact that people in any given area work at different times of the day and night, or may not work at all. This means that there is always someone looking out of the safety of the others on the block.

• Remove obstructions

Clear or do away with high and bushy hedges or plant life that may be blocking the view of neighbors from an intruder who might be working to gain entry into your house or home.

• Have an alarm installed

Have a functioning alarm system installed in your home. Even more important, put alarm stickers and signs in plain view of potential intruders, lock picks included. The aim is to make your home to appear like it might be too difficult or dangerous to break in for burglars.

All in all, although good locks are difficult to pick, expert locksmiths do encourage homeowner to have additional measures to enhance their property’s security. The added security measures might not be 100% foolproof but they make it harder for intruders from gaining entry into your premises through lock picking.

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