If you have been the victim of a burglar, we know just how awful it can be. The emotional damage caused by knowing that someone has been through your personal belongings can be devastating and results in long-term problems. If you are looking for ways to reduce the risk of a future break-in, we’re going to outline the top 5 steps you should take.

Step #1: Invest In Top Quality Door Locks

Your home’s front door is the first place you should start. It should be sturdy and in good condition with at least two locks; one of these should be a deadbolt or mortise lock. If you’ve ever been locked out of your home, you’ll know from experience how professional locksmiths can be inside your front door almost as soon as they arrive! Any lock can be picked, and some locks such as so-called ‘Smart Key’ cylinder locks can be picked by anyone with custom picks readily available online. A locksmith will happily give you a free evaluation of your existing locks and suggest possible upgrades to locks that are the hardest to pick or defeat.

Step #2: Secure Your Windows

Windows are one of the easiest points of entry on your home. All your windows should have locks and you should use lace curtains or tinted window film to obscure the view inside your home as far as possible. You can choose between keyless ‘thumb locks’ or key locks, but ensure that the keys are kept in a well-know place so that occupants are not trapped inside in the event of a fire. Ideally, window should have sensors wired up to your home alarm system so that the alarm is triggered is anyone tries to open or disturb your windows.

Step #3: Invest In A Monitored Home Alarm Service

Criminals can spot fake alarm boxes a mile off and many unmonitored home alarms just ring unnoticed when they are triggered. The smart solution is a monitored home alarm system which alerts an operator if triggered. If the operator phones your home and you aren’t there to give the pass code, the police will be called.

Step #4: Call A Locksmith For An Evaluation

When you have your locks and windows secured and a quality monitored alarm system set up, a professional locksmith is ideally placed to offer an evaluation of your home’s security. Locksmiths are great source of information about home security measures and can help pinpoint areas of weakness and show you how to address them. There have been cases where thieves used rods to ‘fish’ homeowner’s car keys out through their letter boxes. Internal letter-box cages are ideal for preventing this and a locksmith will be able to make further suggestions.

Step #5: Install Perimeter Locks

As a final line of defense, a locksmith will be able to fit and install locks for your front gate, side gate and any other point of gated access around your property. There was a case in the news recently where criminals stole a car from someone’s driveway by hacking into the alarm system to unlock and start the car. This was caught on the homeowner’s CCTV system but the car was easily driven off the property as the front gate wasn’t locked! A reputable locksmith will be able to suggest high-tech solutions to all of your home security needs!

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