Today, our society tries its best to not differentiate between men and women when certain topics are brought to light. These circumstances are directly opposite from how things were just a few decades ago. However, certain topics naturally lead themselves to an exchange of views which includes topics that are gender-specific. With that said, this post refers to home security tips that are inclined towards the protection of females, who may either be living with their children or alone.

One of the biggest reasons why this topic is so critical is because it concerns the fact that many women are common targets of criminals, since it is often perceived that they are easy to prey upon etc. Tips circling this topic have been circulated and advocated for a number of years and can include tips such as avoiding walking alone to their vehicle when it is parked somewhere secluded after hours. The following tips which are widely taught are very useful and have prevented many attacks on women. Read on to find out more.

Choose and use the right locks at home

It is pertinent that the homeowners choose locks that are not only high grade, but they can also be opened without exposing themselves to additional risks. This can include keyless locks or key pads, which removes the hassles of carrying bulky bunch of keys around. Additionally, there will be less fumbling about as well as fewer chances of losing the key. This means that there will be fewer security risks in the long run. What’s more such locks give the homeowner the ability to grant others entry to their home at their discretion.

Without the need for a traditional key, you will not need to make extra copies of the aforementioned for someone else to access your home. You only need to inform them the correct code which they can input into the keyless lock. There’s more to it, you can also be kept well-informed on how and when someone tried to access your home. With a system like this in place, it will give you a better picture on how secure your house is.

Notice how you present your name on your mailbox

It is essential that you pay attention to how you present your name on the mailbox. Some homeowners make the mistake of providing too much information, and burglars take advantage of this type of critical information when they scour for every clue they can find about you. More often than not, you may have given a burglar your home address and name if you painted it on the mailbox. With the information they have, they may then peruse the phone book for your contact number. With your number, they may drop you a call whilst posing as someone who is on official business and enquire if you are currently at home. If they discover the house is unoccupied, it is when they will commit their crime.

Sometimes all you need is a reliable bolt lock to deter them. Coupled with point-of-entry sensors and motion detectors, you can still maintain your home’s security even if you have forgotten to lock the door.

Upgrade the alarm systems at home

As you know, implementing a security system is a good way to protect your home and any other property from vandalism and theft while you are away. But have you considered about the kinds of incidents that can happen when you are actually at home? Panic buttons are designed to protect people from serious personal harm. The systems are able to alert the monitoring company in an instant when the owners feels their safety is threatened and require immediate assistance from the police and other emergency units.

You should keep in mind that a break-in can occur at anytime. Although it typically occurs when the house is unoccupied, it may happen on occasions when your entire family is around the house. A panic button in place can help protect them from these unexpected situations. Furthermore, the systems would work well with your existing external and internal locks. This will be very beneficial for women who are living alone, and buttons like these are able to make them feel more safe and secure.


A secure home typically consists of good and reliable locks, and an alarm system. Burglars that lurk outside a potential victim’s home may attempt to access the property only after a few hours have passed. When this happens, the lock that is hard to pry or break open stalls the burglar long enough for you or your neighbours to notify law enforcement and capture the criminal in time. At Express Locksmith, we believe that protection and security for oneself and your loved ones is top priority. If you wish to find out more on our wide variety of Montreal locks, feel free to call us.

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