Finding out that you have been burgled can be an extremely stressful and emotional experience. The thought that a stranger has broken and entered into your property alone is enough to make you feel traumatized, and on top of that, the loss of precious belongings will be sure to add to the stress. If you have been the victim of a burglary, then there are a number of steps that you will need to do to make sure that the ordeal gets resolved in the best way possible. This article provides some simple steps that you will need to take after a burglary.

Safety First

It is important that you put your safety first the second that you notice that your home has been broken into. You don’t know when the burglary happened, and there is even a chance that the criminals could still be in the area. Get yourself and your family to a safe place straight away. If you have neighbours then you will want to knock on their door and ask if you can stay inside until help arrives. Always avoid walking into the home alone just incase someone is still inside there.

Call the Police

Once you are in a safe area, you will need to call the police. They will be able to quickly come to the scene and make sure that it is safe to enter. Stay in your safe place until they arrive.

Walk Through the Property

Once the police have arrived, and they have determined that it is safe to enter the property, then you can do a walk through with them. If your children are with you then it is a good idea to ask your neighbours, or a friend or family member, to look after them so that they don’t have to witness the scene. Avoid touching or moving items, as the police may be able to spot evidence which could be used at a later date.


The police will then take a statement from you and ask your a number of questions. While it is a stressful time, try and think clearly and answer everything to the best of your ability. What time did you leave the house? Did you make sure that all doors and windows are looked? Did you notice anything suspicious leading up to the event? Is there anyone you know who has threatened you or would break into your home? Something that you think may be irrelevant could actually make all the difference to the case, so make sure you give as much information as possible.


The police will then ask you to make a list of all the items which were stolen from your home. While it may be easy to spot larger or valuable items, there may be smaller items that you won’t remember about until several days after the event. It is worth sitting down and writing a list a few days later when your head is clear and you have noticed what has actually gone missing. This list is also important for your insurance claim.


After you have dealt with the police then you are ready to call your home property insurance company. They will be able to talk you through the process and explain how you can go about claiming money back for your insurance. You will be asked to provide a number of things, such as the police report, receipts of purchase and possible photographs or certain belongings within your home. Keep a special file to contain these documents to make the whole process easier for yourself.

After these steps you will also need to ensure that your home is protected from future burglaries. It is a good idea to have your locks changed and to install new security systems in your home. Good luck.

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