Today, a homeowner has a lot of options at his disposal when it comes to security systems for residential properties. For example, there are extremely durable modern locks which cannot be damaged, destroyed or picked by most burglars, there are locks which can only be opened by a certain fingerprint and there are also keypad door locks which come at affordable prices and offer a plethora of benefits. If you want to strengthen the security system of your property and you don’t know what’s best for your house then let’s explore the main advantages of keypad door locks.

This is an elegant security system that eliminate the need of carrying a key

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing a key or forgetting it at work or somewhere else. The person who is unlucky enough to get through this might need to call a professional locksmith in order to have access in his house or wait for a family member to arrive home and open the door lock with his own key. Well, homeowners who go for keypad door locks will never run into such problems again because this security system doesn’t need the use of a key. The locks will open if a certain combination of digits is entered in the keypad. Therefore, one should never worry about losing his keys or keeping them in certain places, away from prying eyes and burglars’ reach.

Keypad door locks are tougher and more resistant to hits and damages

These security systems are made from rugged materials which can easily resist a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, burglars will not be able to pick them or tamper with them and gain access inside the property when the homeowner is away. So, the house occupants will have more peace of mind during the night or when they are on holidays.

Keypad door locks are very easy to install

Another great advantage of keypad door locks is the simple fact that they can be installed with little to no effort by the professionals in a small amount of time. In some cases, even a handy DIY homeowner can perform the installation process without making a mistake. This is yet another reason why keypad door locks are so popular and appreciated by a plethora of homeowners. Additionally, keypad door locks don’t require any wires or other electrical devices in order to function properly.

Keypad door locks are more elegant and they come in a variety of designs

In some cases, keypad door locks can even be used with decorative purposes simply because they look so elegant and eye-catching. Apart from providing enhanced protection and deterring the majority of burglars and thieves, keypad door locks also come in various colors, they can feature different shapes and designs and also have various textures. This will enable the homeowner to choose his preferred keypad door lock, depending on his preferences and needs.

Keypad door locks can be opened by certain codes which can be changed anytime

If a person would want to change the keys of his door lock, he would need to re-key the cylinder or change the door lock altogether. This is usually a time-consuming and quite expensive procedure. On the other hand, with keypad door locks, the situation is much easier and convenient. The homeowner has the ability to change the PIN code of his keypad door lock whenever he wants and this operation is very easy to perform.

The homeowner doesn’t need to make key copies for each member of the family

In a similar fashion, with traditional locks, the homeowner might require to make duplicates of keys in order to give them to all his family members or possibly to trusted friends, etc. With keypad door locks, this is not necessary because anyone can open these locks if they know the right combination of digits. Additionally, it is worth mentioning here that unlike traditional locks, it is impossible to make duplicates after a keypad door lock. There are no machines which can do this these days and as a result, the homeowner will enjoy a safer stay in his property.

Keypad door locks can function with batteries or they can be mechanical

There are plenty of designs of keypad door locks and each homeowner can pick the products he likes the most. For example, some keypad door locks feature a mechanical design and they are more preferred by the Jewish community because opening such a keypad door lock doesn’t require a key or a power source. On the other hand, homeowners can also opt for a battery-powered keypad door lock. The batteries can be changed easily and they can last for a long period of time.

If you would like to reap all the benefits keypad door locks provide then make sure that you call our experienced locksmiths and speak with them about these security systems for your property today.

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