It is mandatory for all Montreal public access premises to ensure that your fire exit locks are always fully maintained and functioning.

With fire exit locks and alarm systems, emergency door hardware is fitted on certain doors to ensure that the people inside your building can get out in the event of a fire or other emergency and at the same time protect both them and your property from unauthorized intruders. These systems help to maintain security and restrict access by impeding entry in one or both directions. When exit doors are breached, an alarm automatically signs alerting security and others to the possible fire, other type of emergency or unauthorized breach of the exit.

Express Locksmiths of Montreal installs and services a full range of both very sophisticated fire exit locks suitable for larger establishments, as well as simpler systems for smaller facilities and residential locations. The choice of device depends on the age of the building, style of doors and the specific requirements at each emergency exit location.

Our fire exit locks can be activated by a variety of devices, including smoke detectors, by pressing panic buttons, and remotely.

Some devices, particularly doors that have an electronic swipe card mechanism, are activated by breaking a glass panel in the event of an emergency. Some older devices have a hammer attached that is intended to break the glass. More modern devices have a plastic coated glass panel that can be easily broken with a bare hand and is specially designed not to release dangerous shards of glass.

Other systems have a pass key so that the fire exit lock and alarm can be activated or switched off when access is needed in a non-emergency situation. Still others have manual latches that can be easily turned to allow the door to open in either direction, although these are intended for use only in areas with less than 60 people.

In areas where large numbers of people may need to escape in the event of fire it is important to install fire exit locks that are activated by push bars that require only a minimal amount of pressure. This type of system is most frequently installed on emergency exit stairs, bars, large meeting halls, and at the final fire exit doors to make escape easy and rapid for those who would otherwise be trapped inside. Push and panic bars can prevent the kind of crushing tragedy that is sometimes featured in nightmare newspaper stories of people being crushed in night clubs, etc, by panicked escapees being unable to open doors.

All our fire exit locks and alarm systems are:

Fire exit locks can also be connected to safes, roof access points, infrequently used door and other locks where an alarm system is required to sound in the event of unauthorized opening.

For more information about installing new fire exit locks or for servicing and repairing the system you already have installed, please call Express Locksmiths of Montreal on 514 623 6332.

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