At some point in life, you may have lost your home keys and had baffling thoughts running across your mind. Losing keys is not an everyday event, and sometimes finding quick solution on a busy day may not be so easy. You may have even considered the possibility of someone else finding the key and getting in your home for all the bad reasons. In addition, spending a night away from home may not sound like a good idea. Therefore, your sole remedy involves some of the easiest ways to unlock your home lock in such devastating moments.

First, you need to know that you do not have to rely on the old-fashioned way of unlocking the house. It may simply boil down to having an iPhone with you after losing the key. Though there are so many what-ifs that come up when people hear about this, a phone may make it easy to access your home before you consider going to a locksmith for a key replacement and other lock solutions.

For some, unlocking the home using the smart phone many not be ideal. Therefore, the following are simple ways that you can use to unlock without having to get or buy a smart phone as a backup plan for unlocking homes in the event of key loss.

Credit cards and spring locks

When it comes to deadbolts, credit cards cannot make much of a difference if you need the door open. However, it is easy to open doors with spring locks, as they require bendy and laminated cards. To start the process, force the card in between the lock and the frame to flush against the frame. Apply enough force to bend it, forcing the lock back into the door so you can open the door. In some cases, you may not find space between the lock and frame. Right above the lock, force the card between the door and the frame so you can quickly swipe it downward -with the card angled to the frame. For this task, you many need a thicker and robust card.

Picking a lock

This may be a little complicated and as such requires your attention. For starters, get the short end of an Allen wrench inserted in the lower edge of a keyhole. By applying little and adequate pressure, attempt to turn the lock slightly towards the unlocking direction. Maintain the pressure by focusing on stability. Using an unbent paperclip with a minor crooked end, pick the lock carefully. You can push the paperclip gently at the lower end of the lock keyhole to lift it upward and back. In a circular motion, work through the process repeatedly as you gently increase the Allen wrench pressure until the door finally opens.

Hinge removal

For this task, you will need a good flat head screwdriver. Place the screwdriver between the bottom knuckle and the pin so you can effectively wedge. With the screwdriver between the bottom knuckle and the pin, get a hammer and hit it downward to loosen the door hinges. Do the same thing for every other hinge and ensure they are all loose. Removal of hinges makes it easy to open the door and get inside the house to check whether you might have left the key inside when you left.

Hammering your way

When everything fails after attempting to unlock your door without a key, this is the last resort that can make things work when there seems to be less hope. It is advisable to call the locksmith at this point if you want the door opened with a bit of skill. In cases where you need something important form your home and cannot wait for a locksmith, you may have to use the hammer to open the door by bashing it on the lock downwards repeatedly.

As you hit the doorknob or lock harder, you make it loose enough to break and open the door. With time, the lock will be broken and although you will able to make your way into the house, the door will have no lock for security purposes. Thus, you will have to get in touch with a locksmith as soon as possible so you can have the lock repaired.

These are some of the simple ways of unlocking the door without having to use a smart phone. Some of the setbacks that you may have to deal with include repair costs especially when you hire a contractor to install a new lock, repair the doorknob as well as the jamb. After working your way through this unfortunate experience, you need to ensure that you always have a spare key somewhere safe to avoid much time spent on unlocking door without key as well the repair costs that tag along once the door is open. Select a high security lock when replacing the damaged lock.


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