Your home key is probably one of the things, if not the top one, that you often lose. These things are so small and that is why they are very easy to lose or misplace. Though important, it seems that a lot of people easily lose them. It is a good thing that technology offers a solution for this very common problem. You can now get some gadgets which could help you locate keys easily:


This gadget is what the name implies. It can be stuck to almost any item that you always find missing and these include keys. These round gadgets are about the size of a quarter and you could easily track them using your smartphone. In order to help you find your keys easier, it also has a light and buzzer system. It lets you find your keys through an awesome radar-style screen.

Linquet Mini

This gadget is similar to Stick-n-Find and it also uses the same technology. What is different is that Linquit Mini is a reverse phone finder. This means that you can easily locate your missing phone with your keys. It is for this feature that more people prefer having Linquit Mini even though if it costs a little more than Stick-n-Find.

Hip Key

The Hip Key is also a gadget which is worthy of mention. This small device could be held in a key chain holder along with your house key and it could help a lot in preventing you from misplacing your keys or forgetting to take them with you. With the gadget, you could pair your house key with another important device such as your phone. If these two will get separated for more than 50m, the gadget will sound an alarm.

Zomm Wireless Leash

Another gadget to consider is the ZOmm Wireless Leash which has been getting a lot of positive reviews. This can really be handy if you always forget your keys at home. Its alarm system will help you make sure that you will not get locked out of your home. The great thing about the Zomm Wireless Leash is that it could also be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker.


The BIKN should also be considered. It is true that it is one of the most expensive aides when dealing with the problem of losing your keys. But it can really be nice to invest in it because it features tracking functionality which has coverage of 250,000 sq. foot range. Losing your keys seems like an impossibility when you have the BIKN.

These are just some of the numerous gadgets out there that could help you find your lost keys. If in case you still have not secured these gadgets and you find yourself locked out of your home, you can always consider hiring Express Locksmith. We are a group of professional locksmiths who offer residential, commercial, and industrial services. Whether you a locked main door, a locked cabinet, and other locked stuff, you can always count on us.

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