Express Locksmiths of Montreal can assist with installation, maintenance, repairs and authorized forced entry into of all types of safes, both electronic and mechanical.
We have had decades of experience working with various sizes and shapes of safes at business and residential premises throughout Montreal.

New Safes

We understand that you need a reliable and secure place to keep your jewelry, documents and other valuables safe, particularly when you are not around. In many cases, such items must be kept in a secure place such as a safe in order to be covered under your insurance policy. In addition, a safe may be the most effective means of protecting your precious belongings from fire, flooding or other types of unexpected dangers.

We know it is important to ensure not only that your safe cannot be easily broken into, but in addition that it is secured and cannot be easily removed in the event of a burglary.

We have a wide range of different sizes and shapes of safes for sale, some with keys, digital, rotary, electronic or combination locking mechanisms. We also have security filing cabinets, gun safes, data and media safes, as well as in-floor, in-wall, free standing and fire and water resistant safes.

Montreal’s Express Locksmiths know the right sort of questions to ask to decide which safe is right for you. What exactly are you planning to store? Will you need more space in the future? Where is the best place to keep your safe so that it is convenient to use and yet hidden away? Are you looking for protection against burglary, fire or both? Do you need to re-programme the entry code on a regular basis? Do you want an electronic or mechanical safe mechanism? Do you need a time delay mechanism?

We can give you valuable guidance on making these and other decisions connected with your safe installation.

Safe maintenance and Repairs

We can also help in the event that your safe malfunctions and cannot be opened. Our professional locksmiths based in Montreal are trained in techniques to crack open safes without necessarily damaging the locking mechanism so that you can continue to use the safe in the future, once we have repaired it.

We also offer routine safe maintenance so that you can avoid just such malfunctioning and jamming instances and keep your safe working effectively and efficiently for many years. During routine safe maintenance we can dissemble and oil the lock, check locking bolts, check all moving parts and lubricate them where necessary, check wear and tear of moving parts, and reassemble and reset the combination. We recommend this service every two years or so.

For more information about Express Locksmith of Montreal’s electronic and mechanical safe installation, maintenance and repair services, please call 514 623 6332.

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