Emergencies can happen at any time, and in any place. In order to stay safe and be prepared should something happen, you should always have several emergency numbers stored in your cell phone. This article provides eight different numbers that you should have saved in your phone at all times.


Start by making sure that you have your home phone number stored into your cell phone. You should also clearly save it under the name ‘home phone’. Even if you know your home phone number off by heart, this is an important thing to do as if you lose your phone and someone finds it they may be able to use it to get hold of you.


It goes without saying that you should have the number of your doctor stored in your phone. Should something happen in an emergency, the last thing that you will want to do is to frantically search for your doctor or local surgery’s number. Again store the number under the heading of ‘doctor’ so that others can see it too if you are unable to access your phone.


Getting locked out of your house is an extremely annoying experience. By storing the number of a local locksmith, you will be able to quickly call for help. Make sure that you choose a professional and reliable locksmith who offers a fast response service so that they will be able to get to your home quickly.


Toilet blocked? Sprung a leak? The plumbing in your home can go wrong at a second’s notice, and in some instances it can become dangerous if an expert is not called out immediately. Store a number of your local plumber so that you can quickly get help when you need it.

Local Police

You should also store your local police number into your phone. You can find all of the local police numbers by searching for them online.

Highway Patrol

If you spot a bad driver, or a hazard on the freeway, then you should call the highway patrol team as soon as possible to prevent others from being injured.


Keep your insurance companies numbers stored in your phone so that you can reach them quickly. Make sure that you have your home insurance, car insurance, holiday insurance, health insurance and life insurance numbers all stored in your phone.

Road Recovery

If you breakdown, or if you are in an incident when you need your car to be towed, then you will have to get hold of your road recovery team fast! Store your road recovery number in your phone so that you don’t get caught out.


As well as storing this number in your mobile phone, you should also have a backup list of numbers that you can get a hold of if you can’t access your phone. It is worth writing or typing out these numbers and keeping them somewhere safe within the home. Make sure that our children also have all of the numbers stored in their phones too.

As Well as Numbers…

You can also use your phone to store other important documents and information. There are special Apps which allow you to safely store information which requires a passcode or thumbprint to access it. This can include things like a photo of your passport (photo page), your birth certificate, driving license and so on. Avoid storing any bank pin numbers in your phone though.

Store all of the above numbers into your phone and you will be sure to be fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

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