Insecurity cases are on the increase. How many times has your home been broken into? What about your neighbours? Did you hear about how a group of thieves stole dollars of money in your favourite bank? These are clear indications that we need to address this problem with the seriousness it deserves.

The use of alarm devices is one mechanism that has been put in place to address insecurity. These devices give visual, audible or any other form of alarm signal about a condition or a problem. Most of them are usually outfitted with sirens. Here are some of the alarm devices you need to be aware of just in case you are not sure of which one you should install:

Burglar alarms

These are also known as security alarms. They are designed to detect unauthorized entry or intrusion into an area. They are used in commercial, industrial, military and residential properties to protect them against property damage or theft. They can also be used as personal protection against any intruders.

Depending on the type of burglar alarm you have installed, it can serve a single or multiple purposes in burglary protection. Intrusion security alarm systems for example, can be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance devices to record the activities of intruders.

The most common security alarms consist of sensors to detect intruders and an alerting device to indicate the intrusion. These devices might be what your company needs. Hire a professional locksmith to install them.

Fire alarm systems

Fire can be very destructive. Thousands of lives have been lost through fire instances and property worth of millions of dollars destroyed. If you don’t want to incur such losses, then you need to install a fire alarm system in your residential or commercial building.

A fire-alarm system consists of several devices which work together to sense and alert the people through audio and visual appliances when there is fire or smoke. They can either be triggered from heat detectors or smoke detectors. They can also be triggered through manual fire alarm activation devices such as pull stations or manual call points.

In high-rise buildings, voice fire alarm communication systems are used. They provide response personnel with the ability to conduct evacuation, which is orderly and notify the occupants in the building of any change of events. Different evacuation messages are also displayed to each floor depending on the location of the fire. For example, fire alarm systems are common in hospitals.

Car alarms

If your car doesn’t have an alarm you are in danger. Many people lose their cars every day. Some jewel companies have lost their valuables while transporting them with their cars simply because the vehicles didn’t have alarms installed in them.

Car alarms are electronic devices which are installed in vehicles to discourage theft of vehicles or their contents or both. They emit high volume sound when conditions necessary for triggering are met. They also flash some of the vehicle’s light and may at times notify the owner of the car through a paging system and interrupting electrical circuits which make the car to start.

Some people confuse these types of alarms with immobilizers. Although both are used to deter car theft, they are not similar. Immobilizers neither offer any visual or audible theft deterrence nor do they require any additional input from the driver.

Car alarm triggers vary widely, depending on the model and make of the vehicle as well as the model and the brand of the alarm itself. Aftermarket alarms normally have trigger inputs that the owner of the vehicle may choose not to connect and this is what determines what will set the alarm off.

Remember, there are false alarms in the market and therefore get an expert to install one for you. You need the help of a qualified locksmith to differentiate between a fake and a true car alarm.

Community alarms

These alarms, which are also known as auto dialer alarms are electronic devices with push button transmitters. They are used by individuals to summon assistance to their location. They mostly run by the county councils.

The moment the button is pressed, the alarm unit automatically contacts a friend, a relative or a special control centre. It is even possible for the person answering the call to talk and listen to the individual, although this may not be necessary since the alarm is raised by pressing the button.

A community alarm which dials directly through a friend’s or a relative’s house is usually programmed to dial several numbers and this increases the chances of finding someone at home. These types of alarms have been very helpful in the past years and many people appreciate them.

All in all, you don’t have to wait for disaster, to strike for you to realize that you need to have an alarm system. Take precaution today by hiring a professional locksmith to install it for you.

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